Wondalips product review


Wondalips - product review

WondaLips is a natural lip cosmetic. Every girl dreams of lush lips, but it is difficult to decide on an operation. To solve this problem, an innovative product has been created – a filler, which is a lipstick. It emphasizes the natural beauty and brightness of the lips, gives the skin
The product is in great demand due to its natural composition, which improves the appearance of the lips and prevents the appearance of dryness and pallor of the dermis. The tool can be used by every girl from 18 years old, without resorting to operations.
No negative reviews were found among the buyers surveyed with side effects.

How to use? Instruction

It is recommended to use the lipstick, strictly following the instructions. Correct use of WondaLips lipstick will help to avoid side effects (burning, itching, swelling) or allergic reactions.
A thin layer of lipstick is applied to the lips and is not washed off during the day (smear as it is impregnated). The product is used every day without restrictions. For heavy application, the lips should be soaked with a cotton pad.

How does it work? Indications

The product penetrates the skin and visually enlarges the lips, without injections. This allows any woman who wants to not only improve the appearance, but also saturate the dermis with vitamins and useful minerals. Waterproof, breathable WondaLips lipstick does not cause tingling or numbness discomfort and does not feel on the lips.


The lipstick is available in a compact, sealed bottle with a tight cap. The lipstick contains:

  • hemp extract. Seed oil moisturizes and softens lips;
  • Vitamin E, Omega-3, Alpha-Linolenic and Hyaluronic Acids give the lips elasticity and natural shine;
  • natural collagen tones the skin and prevents chapping;
  • formula "LINEFILL". It enhances the synthesis of fat cells in the applied area, plumps lips and rejuvenates the skin. Prevents the appearance of nasolabial wrinkles.

The filler contains hypoallergenic components and is absolutely safe for daily use. During wearing (after eating or drinking), the light pleasant smell does not disappear.

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