About company

About company

BrooklynCoffee is a review site that has become the first independent information resource on the Internet, which contains only carefully verified, really truthful information about goods and services sold by companies to consumers. The resource was launched in 2015 by people who are not indifferent to the topic, who have more than once faced the deception of buyers in their lives, who want to put an end to, or at least minimize, the shameful practice of distorting the properties actually inherent in products.

The past years have made it possible to form on the site an extensive database of services, goods, medicines, offering them for sale in pharmacies, online stores, industrial and agricultural companies, individual entrepreneurs, etc. It continues to be replenished with new names, names, addresses. All this became possible thanks to the activity of our users, their responsible attitude to their health, the environment, rejection of lies and hypocrisy of those who chose the path of enrichment at the expense of gullible citizens.

The team that created and maintains the BrooklynCoffee website is interested in the continuous development of the resource, doing everything to maintain its good name. He makes sure that he improves in time, looks better; replenishes the platform with new programs that allow you to work with reviews faster. Today, through moderation, we have the opportunity to evaluate their objectivity continuously, as soon as they arrive, without breaks and days off. As a result, we publish information on the pages of the site that does not contain slander, insults, deliberate reduction or cheating of the rating of companies, goods, services.

Our mission

It is simple and consists in helping users who are looking for a service or product and want to be sure that they will not encounter deception, lies, which abound today in information posted on specialized and specially created resources on the Internet for this purpose. The BrooklynCoffee site in this case acts as an objective, uninterested intermediary between the buyer and the manufacturer of goods and services.

To implement the declared mission, the resource provides each user with the opportunity to post video, photo and text reviews on it that tell stories of purchases.Thanks to this, a database existing on the platform has been formed, which has a real confirmation of the properties of thousands of goods, services, situations that any real buyer may encounter.

The information on the site is updated daily with thousands of new and confirming previously posted reviews. We try to manage to process them promptly and post them online. A huge array of data is a guarantee of an objective opinion of buyers about companies, goods, services and much more, allows users to form a certain idea on the issue of interest to them.

User Trust

The huge amount of work carried out by the people responsible for the site since its registration has allowed us to become an effective and real tool for assessing the quality and reliability of thousands of products and services. Thanks to this, a large number of users avoided possible deception and were able to get what they were looking for on the Internet. This is confirmed by the numerous words of gratitude that we receive every day, an inexhaustible stream of reviews that continues to come to the site about the stories already on it or new ones.