Collagen Select product review

Collagen Select

Collagen Select - product review

Collagen Select is a formulation designed to guarantee a rejuvenating effect. Product release form – scrub cream. It is intended for home use. The product was developed by practicing cosmetologists, therefore, it always helps to eliminate wrinkles and related signs of aging. The product has been issued with a high quality certificate. Before going on sale, the products have passed dermatological and laboratory control. After using this tool, customers write only positive reviews on the forums.

How to use? Instruction

Collagen Select must be used strictly according to the instructions, it is in the package with the product. Apply the drug to the skin of the face in small portions. Pre-clean the cover with soap and water. Distribute the consistency over the entire surface of the face, the product does not need to be washed off. Repeat application of products up to 2 times a day. The standard course duration is 2 months.

How does it work? Indications

Collagen Select Scrub Cream removes dead skin cells by opening pores to oxygen. Improves complexion. It fills in wrinkles from the inside, as it produces enough collagen and elastin - components that provide elasticity to tissues. Cleans the skin from harmful components. Moisturizes the epithelium, removes excess fluid from the cells, which helps to eliminate facial swelling.


Collagen Select Scrub Cream does not contain GMOs, fragrances, dyes or other synthetic ingredients. The formula of innovative products contains the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals, organic oils and amino acids. The peculiarity of the drug is the presence of hyaluronic acid and natural collagen. Together, they perform the following functions:

  • Evens out wrinkles.
  • Remove age spots from the skin.
  • Moisturize facial tissues.
  • Saturate fabrics with useful components.
  • Improves complexion as it removes various toxins from tissues.
  • Increase skin tone.

Collagen Select Cream Scrub is as effective as popular beauty treatments. But, unlike them, it helps to get rid of the external signs of aging without compromising the integrity of the skin. During the course, the risk of tissue addiction to the active ingredients of innovative products is excluded.

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