Energy Beauty Bar product review
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Energy Beauty Bar

Energy Beauty Bar - product review

Energy Beauty Bar is a unique device for facial wrinkles. An innovative development is a vibrating massager, the roller surface of which is coated with gold ions. The device eliminates signs of aging (wrinkles, creases, skin flabbiness) in 1 course of use. The device normalizes the tone of the epithelium without plastic surgery and hyaluronic acid injections. The ionic vibrating massager does not have a negative effect on the state of health (including an allergic reaction), it always leads to a positive result.

How to use? Instruction

The product has been supplemented with an instruction manual: it contains detailed rules for passing the course. Ionic vibrating massager Energy Beauty Bar should be used daily for 10 minutes, for 1 month. Place the device only on cleansed face skin, use a roller to process tissues in the direction from the nose in different directions. The expected result can be achieved within 30 days of stable use of the device, but the primary result can be assessed much earlier.

How does it work? Indications

Energy Beauty Bar smoothes wrinkles, creases, unevenness. The device removes excess melanin from the cells, thereby eliminating age spots; moisturizes the skin, stimulates it to synthesize collagen and elastin. The device protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. Also, the ionic massager frees tissues from toxins, which has a beneficial effect on the complexion.


The peculiarity and at the same time the advantage of the Energy Beauty Bar device lies in the interaction of gold particles and skin, which leads to a noticeable aesthetic improvement. The device generates vibrations in which the spray of the roller part of the device penetrates into the deep layers of the cover. This process has the following aesthetic effects:

  • Elimination of age spots, wrinkles.
  • Improving complexion.
  • An increase in the level of moisture in the epithelium.
  • Removing spots, irregularities, small defects.
  • Enhancing local skin immunity.

The innovative development Energy Beauty Bar has been studied in detail by practicing specialists, and the product has also passed clinical control. In both cases, the characteristics of the device were approved, as the benefits and safety of the ion massager were officially confirmed. The likelihood that the use of the Energy Beauty Bar will be ineffective is excluded.

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