SolarGuard Pro product review

SolarGuard Pro

SolarGuard Pro - product review

SolarGuard Pro is an innovative solar powered alarm system. Using an environmentally friendly way to obtain the necessary energy, this technology will protect your home from intruders. Now you will not need to fear for your property and the safety of loved ones. SolarGuard Pro will notify the owner that someone has walked past a dedicated infrared sensor installed at the entrance to the premises. This alarm, being the best on the market at the moment, will help to protect the house from the possible entry of unwanted guests.

How to use? Instruction

Installing SolarGuard Pro is easy. You just need to choose a place on the street where the security system will function. For example, you can fix it at the very entrance to the room. An infrared sensor will detect the presence of an unauthorized person who wants to cross the invisible line of the alarm. At this point, a sound signal will alert the owner of the house about unexpected guests. The volume level of the signal can be set in advance, if desired, changing it during direct use.

How does it work? Indications

The design of the SolarGuard Pro security system is as simple as possible, but its effectiveness is not questioned. Strong passive infrared sensors will detect every person that comes close to them. The alarm will instantly alert the owner of this event. In this case, it will not be necessary to separately charge the system, since it will be provided with solar energy.


  • Solar Panels - Allows the entire system to function using energy from the suns rays. There is no need to purchase an additional power supply, as the batteries will be charged automatically, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the alarm.
  • Motion detectors - created with the latest technological advances, begin to function instantly upon detecting that someone has passed them.
  • Powerful speakers - the volume can be up to 190 dB if desired, allowing the owner of the system to adjust the signal level according to individual preferences.
  • Special waterproof material - the entire alarm system is constructed from a material that has an IP65 water resistance. This allows her to work in all weather conditions.

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