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W-loss is one of the most effective dietary supplements for weight loss. It comes in the form of drops. This supplement helps to speed up the metabolism and convert consumed fats into energy, and also does not have a laxative or diuretic effect. In addition, everyone can see the effect of rejuvenating body cells and improving overall health.

Information - W-loss
Product Name W-loss
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How to use? Instruction

W-loss should be used exclusively inside the body. For the desired effect, the user must adhere to all the rules for taking the food supplement. You can prepare a single dose of the drug in 1 minute. To do this, just add 15 drops of W-loss to 250 ml of warm water. This supplement should be taken before meals, twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. A weight loss course using W-loss should be at least 1 month.


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How does it work?

W-loss works by providing ketosis as a substitute for the keto diet. It works without harm to the body and without side effects such as anemia, body weakness, constant hunger, nervousness, and metabolic problems. The effect of taking this food supplement appears in a very short time. Thanks to the composition, W-loss is suitable for everyone, and has no contraindications.It is also a big advantage that this product does not produce a yo-yo effect.


This product is completely organic, as it contains only natural ingredients:

  • Bromelain, or as it is also called the enzyme of harmony. This element is extracted from the stem of a pineapple. It speeds up the metabolism, and eliminates edema and excess fluid. This enzyme helps the body absorb proteins, complex lipids and fats.
  • Raspberry ketones help to activate ketosis, so you can eat any food, and not worry about excess calories, as they will be converted into energy.
  • Beta-sitosterol helps to get rid of the side effects of consumed unhealthy foods, and also does an excellent job of protecting and supporting the immune system. It cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, and also rescues from cellulite.
  • Q10 is one of the elements that is necessary to regulate and speed up metabolism.
  • L-carnitine has many beneficial functions. It helps convert fat into energy. Also, this element helps to remove free radicals from the body, and improve bad mood.

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Indications for use

Drops are indicated for overweight and related problems. Among them:
  • slow metabolism;
  • puffiness;
  • cellulite;
  • excessive appetite.


When creating the product, a unique formula is used, which is characterized by maximum efficiency and absolute safety. Thanks to this, there are no contraindications to taking drops.

Doctor's review

For patients suffering from overweight, I recommend taking W-Loss. This drug has worked well and does not cause any side effects. Against the background of its intake, metabolic processes are stimulated, unhealthy cravings for food disappear. In addition, the intestinal microflora normalizes, slags, toxins and excess fluid are removed from the body. All this contributes to the active burning of fatty deposits, elimination of cellulite and improvement of general well-being.

Customer Reviews

In the fight against obesity, I tried many different means. There is simply no time for sports. I work as a programmer and almost all the time I sit at the computer, I even have to eat without leaving it. Naturally, such a lifestyle clearly does not help in losing weight. These drops helped. After a month of taking them, I noticed obvious positive changes. It took about five kilos. I continue to take them further. After all, they really work. This despite the fact that I did not make any adjustments to my lifestyle. However, I noticed that the appetite has become significantly less.
I never believed in the effectiveness of all kinds of pills, drops and capsules for weight loss. She was very skeptical of them. As it turned out, it was in vain. A friend convinced me to try losing weight with W-Loss. The drops did not give any side reactions. On the contrary, I began to rapidly lose weight, I had already thrown off 10 kg. As an added bonus, the condition of the skin and hair has improved. Apparently, this effect is observed as a result of the elimination of toxins. I am very pleased with the result.
For a long time I wanted to lose weight, but did not dare to follow diets and constant training. Well, its not mine. I decided to try W-Loss. After all, its composition is natural and drops do not bring any harm to the body. Moreover, there was an action on them. I bought it for quite ridiculous money. In two months she lost as much as 12 kg. Now you have to completely renew your wardrobe. Without exception, all clothes have become simply huge.

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Unfortunately, at the moment the product is not for sale in pharmacies and shops.

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On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

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