Power Wavy product review

Power Wavy

Power Wavy - product review

Power Wavy is a neoprene kit that helps you shed those extra pounds. The problem of excess weight is relevant today: a large part of the worlds population suffers from excess weight. What is just not invented in order to effectively fight excess weight.

How to use? Instruction

Works in several directions:

  • Melting subcutaneous fat folds;
  • Skin smoothing;
  • Strengthening muscle tissue.

Important! The complex action is achieved by creating a steamy effect under clothes.
To become slimmer and more confident in yourself, you should start wearing the belt right now. To achieve success in the fight against obesity, you must follow the manufacturers recommendations:

  1. Put on the belt and go about your usual business;
  2. The temperature rises inside the clothes. Especially in the parts covered with material;
  3. The heating process provokes resorption of the lipid layer. The fat is melted and removed.

Due to elastic parts, compression and muscle tissue tightening is achieved.

How does it work? Indications

The product is indicated for wearing by those who want to increase the effectiveness of sports training. With the help of equipment you can:

  • Get rid of extra pounds;
  • Burn deep fat folds;
  • Accelerate metabolic processes;
  • Increase the intensity of blood circulation;
  • Elimination of harmful substances and compounds from the body;
  • Defeat cellulite;
  • Emphasize the waistline;
  • Pump up the buttocks.

Womens equipment is suitable for those who are far from sports or cannot afford regular training. The clothes are in close contact with the body: thin, elastic. The belt will remain invisible under the trousers. Suitable for daily wear.


Neoprene clothing has become a new milestone in the development of this direction. The principle of operation is to accelerate the processes aimed at burning fat. The effect is fast. The products are popular in European countries.
The product is made of technological innovative material - neoprene. It is a synthetic fiber used by the worlds sporting goods manufacturers.
Products are the best option for comfortable training. The set does not hinder movement, does not wrinkle, does not wear out during prolonged use. It is a reliable assistant in the struggle for body beauty, slim figure.

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