NiacinMax product review


NiacinMax - product review

NiacinMax is a food supplement based on vitamin B3. This vitamin is essential when the body is unable to accumulate water-soluble vitamins like niacin.
In fact, it is excreted from the body in the urine. NiacinMax does not even contain a full milligram of niacin. The same cannot be said about other similar supplements. The key to the success of this product lies in how the components are delivered into the blood. Another plus is a high percentage of digestibility. Therefore, this tool is more effective than others.

How to use? Instruction

NiacinMax Strips must be taken on a daily basis. For maximum results, try to consume the strip 4-5 hours before starting your workout.
If you train 6 days a week, then an additional dose is suggested a few hours before bedtime.
It is fashionable to take the strip even when you are not attending a workout. Try to do this on an empty stomach. Indeed, in this case, your body will have less fatty acids. Only 10 minutes after taking the strip, you can start eating.

How does it work? Indications

No other supplement can match NiacinMax. Because no other product uses unique technology.
Common supplements, tablets and powders have very poor bioavailability. This means that the body absorbs poorly. Conventional supplements need to go through the entire digestive system before they enter the bloodstream.
NiacinMax ignores the digestive system stage. The product dissolves on the tongue and goes directly into the bloodstream.
The tool is widely used in the fitness industry. It has been shown to improve blood flow and oxygen levels in cells.
You will get a healthy body from this vitamin.


The product is distinguished by its naturalness. It contains only two components: niacin (vitamin B3) and niacin.
Nicotinic acid is also a representative of vitamin B3. Thanks to her, the skin improves.

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