Myceril product review


Myceril - product review

Myceril is an effective cream that works to eliminate nail and foot fungus. The preparation contains components of natural origin. The tool can be used by men and women. The drug is intended for home use. In terms of its effectiveness, it is not inferior to the action of expensive pharmaceutical preparations. But, unlike them, it is characterized by good tolerance, benefits and health safety. The drug ensures the elimination of the disease, regardless of the stage of its development at the time of initiation of treatment.

How to use? Instruction

To ensure that you get rid of fungal infections of the skin of the feet and nails, the drug must be used according to the instructions. The cream should be applied only to clean skin; it must also be dried with blotting movements first. Treat the inflamed areas of the skin and nails with the drug 2 times a day. The product does not need to be rinsed off. The duration of therapy is from 1 month.

How does it work? Indications

Myceril provides anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, moisturizing effects. The product promotes healing of damaged skin and nails. Rejects crusts and scales that have appeared under the influence of the activity of pathogenic fungi. The cream renews the skin, strengthens the nails, and prevents the unpleasant odor from the feet. The active ingredients of the medicinal consistency eliminate itching. Also, the drug eliminates pain and redness of tissues in the first minutes from the moment of absorption into the epithelium and nails.


Myceril fungus cream does not contain artificial ingredients, which compares favorably with similar preparations. The product contains medicinal plants in the form of extracts, vitamins, and a complex of trace elements. The drug performs the following functions:

  • Stops the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microflora.
  • Deeply moisturizes dry skin areas.
  • Stops the process of nail decay.
  • Disinfects the skin.
  • Avoids the unpleasant odor that usually comes from feet caused by fungal infections.

Before going on sale, Myceril passed the examinations, and laboratory technicians have officially confirmed the effectiveness of its use. The use of this drug is approved by infectious disease specialists.
There are no allergic reactions, addiction or other health complications during treatment with Myceril. The product has a high quality certificate.

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