Exodermin product review


Exodermin - product review

Exodermin is a remedy that helps to overcome and prevent the cause of nail fungus, without dangerous consequences. Those who have already encountered a similar problem unanimously argue that not every remedy is able to cure the cause of the fungus and not cause consequences. However, this does not apply to Exodermin. It is made from natural ingredients, tested by many authorities for safety and side irritation, and the cream was also involved in an experiment, where it proved its effectiveness and superiority over analogues.

How to use? Instruction

It is necessary to apply the product twice a day. Spray in the morning, cream in the evening.
In the morning, apply the spray to the affected area. This should be done on clean and dry feet. Wait until it is completely absorbed, then go to your usual activities.
Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of cream to clean and dry skin and go to bed.
This sequence of operations must be done within 14 days.

How does it work? Indications

Exodermin is made exclusively from natural ingredients, this eliminates the appearance of side effects. However, it should be understood that in some people, the body has its own characteristics. Therefore, you should find out in advance if you are allergic to some of the components of this product.
The doctors' comments prove the effectiveness of the drug, moreover, they often advise the remedy to patients. Because Exodermin fights exactly the cause of the appearance of the fungus. The drug has proven to be effective in treatment compared to known analogues, besides, Exodermin is much cheaper than them.


Exodermin contains natural extracts, so the occurrence of allergic reactions is minimized. Let's analyze each component separately.

  • Melissa - pleasantly cools the affected area, and soothes itching and burning.
  • Propolis - disinfects the affected area, also affects the restoration of the problem area.
  • Ginkgo-Biloba leaves - will accelerate the healing of cracks, saturate cells with the necessary components.
  • Celandine - has a disinfecting effect, will restore perspiration.
  • Lapacho - the main component of the product, destroys the cause of the appearance of the fungus and promotes the development of immunity to the disease.

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