Fungonis Gel product review

Fungonis Gel

Fungonis Gel - product review

Fungonis Gel – Unique specialized antifungal gel. Fungonis Gel, today is the undisputed leader in the pharmaceutical market in the section of antifungal drugs. Its high efficiency and unique properties have been repeatedly confirmed by clinical and laboratory studies conducted by leading experts and dermatologists. Fungonis Gel is highly effective in treating fungal diseases, after its application, the fungus is completely destroyed, and the disease goes away irrevocably.

How to use? Instruction

Fungonis Gel is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin, which has been thoroughly washed and dried, in a small amount, in a thin and even layer. Then leave until complete absorption. Fungonis Gel is absorbed into the skin very quickly, after which the skin remains dry. The procedure should be carried out twice a day, the full course of treatment is three months (90 days).

How does it work? Indications

Fungonis Gel contains a number of active ingredients that can treat many vectors at once. This means that positive dynamics in treatment will appear within a week, the first day of the course, and at the end of the course of treatment, get rid of mycosis and any manifestations of the consequences of the disease.
Fungonis Gel carries out an active fight against bacteria and fungi that led to the onset of the disease, completely stops the possibility of their reproduction, and gradually, during the course of treatment, leads to their complete destruction.
During the period of application, it actively cleanses the cellular structure of toxins, removes toxins, accelerates the processes of regeneration of skin and nail tissues. Eliminates unpleasant and painful sensations, burning and itching in the affected areas, increased sweating and unpleasant odor. Restores normal blood circulation in the affected areas, which improves immunity and negates the risk of secondary infection.Therefore, dermatologists recommend Fungonis Gel to their patients.


Fungonis Gel contains extracts and extracts. Which are amino acids, organic compounds and enzymes of natural origin necessary for the body. They gently but very effectively cleanses the skin and subcutaneous integument from fungi and pathogenic bacteria. The effectiveness of the gel is dramatically increased due to the content in it of a complex of minerals and vitamins, due to which the rate of regeneration of damaged areas of the skin and nails increases dramatically.

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