Fungalor product review


Fungalor - product review

Fungalor is a cream for fungus that has a natural composition and you can feel relief from the first days of use.
Many people have encountered this problem, someone can show after wearing uncomfortable shoes, someone can pick it up in the pool, and in general, fungus can be expected everywhere, and no one is saving from this. Therefore, as soon as something starts to bother you, or you notice a rash, immediately start treatment. Never delay with this, because in the later stages of the fungus it is very difficult to get rid of. The fungus leads to the destruction of the nail plate. Such troubles are not needed by any person. “Fungalor” cream, which will help to overcome the fungus, without harm to health, and the effectiveness of the cream lies in its natural base.

How to use? Instruction

It is necessary to adhere to several points of correct use:

  1. cleanse and dry the affected skin area;
  2. apply cream evenly;
  3. and apply twice a day for a course that is a month;

How does it work? Indications

After application, natural ingredients begin the process of skin regeneration and fight against fungus. Also, the cream helps to kill bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. The active ingredients normalize the metabolism at the cellular level and improve the skin itself.
From the first signs of the disease, you need to start using "Fungalor", then the fungus will not cause much harm to the skin and you. The van will not need to worry about your shoes and the unpleasant smell. The cream will help to quickly and efficiently overcome the disease.


Completely natural and safe for everyone.

  • Climbazole is a complex that fights infection. Will help relieve pain quickly.
  • Emulsion wax - will help the cream quickly penetrate the skin.
  • Methylparaben - combats unpleasant odor, eliminates redness.
  • Glycerin is a well-known ingredient. Which helps the skin to regenerate.
  • Essential oil - normalizes metabolism.
  • Peppermint oil is an antiseptic that prevents the development of fungus and eliminates all bacteria.
  • Lanolin - prevents the development of infection, improves the condition of the affected skin area.
  • Farsenol is a substance that actively fights fungus.
  • Vitamin complex - improves skin condition.

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