Flawless Brows product review

Flawless Brows

Flawless Brows - product review

Flawless Brows is a unique product that you can use to shape your eyebrows at home. The product looks like an epilator, it is portable, so you can take it with you on a trip and wear it in a cosmetic bag without discomfort: the weight of the device is 60 g. The device eliminates excess hairs and helps to give the eyebrows the correct shape, which favorably affects the appearance of the face. The product can be used on its own or considered as an optimal gift idea. The device can be used by men and women. The product has been issued a quality certificate.

How to use? Instruction

It is necessary to correct eyebrows using the Flawless Brows device only on dry skin and strictly according to the instructions. Since the product is powered by a battery, it must first be placed in a special compartment of the epilator. Turn on the device, eliminate unwanted hair. Apply a soothing cream to the treated skin. Clean the attachment of the device with a brush. Use the epilator as needed.

How does it work? Indications

The innovative Flawless Brows device removes hairs along with the follicle. This allows you to maintain the created shape of the eyebrows for a long period of time. The epilator performs spot removal of unwanted hairs. This approach makes the eyebrow shaping procedure painless and psychologically comfortable. The device prevents skin irritation, wounds, tissue swelling, ingrown hairs.


The Flawless Brows body is a combination of metal and durable plastic. These 2 materials make the products wear-resistant, allow the product to be used for a long period of time. The device provides 1 nozzle. During the hair removal procedure, the device does not slip in the hand. Item complete set:

  • Epilator itself.
  • Battery.
  • A brush with which the epilator can be easily and comfortably cleaned of removed hair.
  • Instruction, which describes the rules for the operation of the goods.

Practitioners appreciate the use of Flawless Brows as the device does not generate harmful waves. The device helps to get rid of unwanted hair in the most comfortable, gentle way. After using this epilator, only positive reviews are left on the forums.

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Indications for use

It is used for modeling and correcting the shape of eyebrows, for removing facial hair.


Individual intolerance to the materials of the device may be present. If handled carelessly, it can cause skin damage. Do not use if there is irritation or inflammation on the skin.

Doctor's review

A good and reasonably safe remedy for removing excess facial hair. You can process not only the eyebrow area, but also remove hairs in the lips and chin. User-friendly design, available light helps to see the treatment area better and does not damage the skin. Use with caution, especially the first time, take your time. Would recommend to anyone who is concerned about facial hair.

Customer Reviews

"I was always skeptical about such means. I had a negative experience, I already took the devices, but I was unhappy with the result. I would never have bought a Flawless Brows depilator if my friend hadn't given it a try. I liked the result, it also has an interesting design in the form of a tube of mascara. Now I use it all the time. I'm going to buy and give it to my mom. We have a common problem with her - the antennae above the lip are dark. And the eyebrow shaping depilator does a good job with this area too. I was satisfied."

"I decided to give my wife a depilator for a holiday. He was afraid that he would be offended and make a scandal. But, everything happened exactly the opposite. She was glad and pleased. She said it was the best gift I could give her. I nevertheless decided to carefully study the product before using it. I cannot be bought with beautiful packaging. Everything fully corresponded to the description on the package. I was satisfied with the quality. My wife uses it all the time and occasionally thanks me. I think that I have not spent the money in vain."

"Insanely cool design. He caught my attention. All my friends were delighted when they realized that I had in my purse not mascara, but a depilator to correct the shape of eyebrows. Now they envy me. When I used it for the first time, it seemed to vibrate too much. But then I realized, I just do not have enough experience in using such devices. Then everything went easier. Copes with any facial hair. I also liked the fact that the device is equipped with a flashlight. It is very convenient, you can clearly see the area that needs processing."


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