Denta Seal product review

Denta Seal

Denta Seal - product review

Denta Seal is an innovative toothpaste designed to restore and strengthen tooth enamel. The special filling effect ensures reliable protection of the teeth. Its composition is completely natural, therefore it guarantees safety with regular use. Active nanoparticles of the product provide nourishment to hard tissues, restoring damaged areas. In addition, the paste perfectly copes with caries, and also whitens teeth.

How to use? Instruction

The toothpaste should be applied to a pre-moistened toothbrush. It is necessary to brush your teeth for 1-3 minutes so that the crystals of hydroxyapatite, after foaming, begin to act in full.
This procedure is recommended to be carried out at least 2 times a day. More frequent use is desirable in the presence of caries - then it is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal.
The procedure should be performed regularly, for at least 4 weeks. The positive effect becomes noticeable within a few days from the start of using the drug.

How does it work? Indications

Denta Seal toothpaste differs significantly from similar preparations due to its complex effect on the entire oral cavity, including tooth enamel, gums and mucous membranes. It effectively breaks down plaque and calculus, removes dark stains caused by lack of oral hygiene, smoking, drinking coffee, tea and carbonated drinks. The enamel turns white, providing its owner with the desire to show others his radiant smile.
Denta Seal cleans and smoothes damaged areas of tooth enamel. Fills microcracks with nanoparticles, keeping them for a long time, allowing the integrity of the outer shell of each tooth to be preserved. Effectively fights against pathogenic microflora, especially streptococci, which are the main cause of caries development. The pleasant scent of mint and lime freshens the breath for a long time, giving confidence when interacting with other people.


  • hydroxyapatite crystals - extracted from sea shells, are the main component of tooth enamel. Filling microcracks in it, they become part of a protective coating, significantly strengthening damaged and sensitive areas;
  • calcium, a mineral complex - thanks to them, caries disappears, inflammation decreases, the protective coating of the teeth becomes stronger;
  • mint, lime - disinfect the oral cavity, nourish the gum tissue, give the breath a pleasant freshness and aroma.

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