Demaliss Serum - product review

Demaliss Serum

Demaliss Serum - product review

Demaliss Serum is a unique serum invented to correct most of the problem areas on the face of women. It is an excellent helper for any woman who is faced with the desire to correct problem areas on the face and smooth out wrinkles, making the skin of the face more elastic.

Information - Demaliss Serum
Product Name Demaliss Serum
Official site www.Demaliss
Price Demaliss Serum 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 23 ° C.
Delivery Country United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, India. The whole world
Delivery terms 4-11 days
Availability Available on the official website
Customer Reviews 91% Positive
Availability in pharmacies No

How to use? Instruction

The serum is used once a day. It is worth remembering that it is applied to a dry and clean face. To achieve the best results and get things done faster, doctors recommend exfoliating the skin before applying the serum so that its natural ingredients can easily penetrate deep into the skin. This will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the procedure.
Approximately 2-3 drops are one dose of Demaliss Serum. Correct use is considered to be used for at least 21 days. Doctors and dermatologists talk about noticeable improvements, subject to the conditions for exfoliating the skin and applying it to a dry and clean face, already after 14 days from the start of application. Small scars, as well as scars and even wrinkles begin to noticeably disappear from the skin of the face.
The duration of use of the serum is unlimited, it all depends on the desire of the person used. 21 days is the minimum recommended period after which, if used correctly, it will be impossible not to notice the difference before and after use.
The serum has undergone research and various tests, so the absence of side effects when used is guaranteed. There are no contraindications even when using drugs of a similar type. However, it is not recommended to use them simultaneously with serum for greater effectiveness.


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How does it work?

The natural, hypoallergenic composition of the serum assumes the triggering of the mechanisms of the skin for the production of collagen. Thanks to collagen, the skin literally blooms and rejuvenation processes take place inside, thanks to which cells are renewed instead of old ones. Due to its unique composition, the serum is completely absorbed into the skin, which leads to hydration of the face. This allows you to make the skin of the face smoother and more pleasant to the touch, wrinkles and various scars are smoothed out. In addition, due to hydration, the complexion becomes healthier, various age spots disappear and dead cells are removed. In place of dead cells, the body will create new ones, which will noticeably increase the elasticity of the skin.


The ingredients in the serum work wonders, because it consists of natural and environmentally friendly components that allow you to activate the skin rejuvenation process. The main feature that distinguishes whey from hundreds of others is the use of squalene. This product allows you to create not only hypoallergenic drugs without side effects, but also effectively moisturize the skin of the face, filling the pores with a special liquid, thanks to which the body begins to fully produce collagen, which improves the appearance of the face and eliminates various problems.

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Indications for use

This serum can be used by people of any age, preferably over 18 years old. It will help smooth the skin of the face, making it more elastic, get rid of problem areas, blackheads, wrinkles, both at the age of 25 and at 55. The main indication for use is the desire to achieve healthy facial skin, resume the process of collagen creation, improve beauty and quality of the skin. In addition, due to the ability to get rid of various problem areas, the serum will help get rid of scars and scars that can bother a person at any age. The absence of side effects and the possibility of using the product without allergies makes it possible to expand the use for people not only of any age, but also with any physical health.


Thanks to the efficiently created composition, the serum has no contraindications. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for people of all ages. However, doctors recommend using the serum for individuals over 18 years of age. This is due to the natural production of collagen in the human body before this age. In addition, acidic solutions or retinol should not be used concurrently with the application of the serum, as this can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Doctor's review

Serum Demaliss Serum on the market recently, but has already passed all the necessary research and testing. Due to its hypoallergenic and natural composition, this serum allows you to quickly and efficiently rejuvenate the skin, slowing down the aging process by removing dead cells from the human face.The serum has earned an excellent reputation for its low cost and high effectiveness even in the most extreme cases, as well as the absence of side effects. In addition, the possibility of using serum for allergy sufferers allows not to limit the circle of persons who can use this remedy for rejuvenation.

Customer Reviews

Used serum for 21 days. Before use, she exfoliated the skin, as recommended by doctors. The first noticeable effect was seen as early as 5 days after the start of using the serum. A small scar left by a nail in childhood has disappeared forever from the face. After 21 days, the face smoothed out and became noticeably firmer. I plan to use the serum in the future!
Used serum for 2 months. The doctor recommended a course of at least 21 days, but since there were deep scars and post-acne scars on my face, I decided to increase the duration of using the serum. After this time, I can confidently say about the high efficiency of the drug. None of the expensive serums provided the same effect and hydration as this one. Its natural composition was very important to me as I am allergic. The doctor assured that the composition is hypoallergenic and I was actually convinced of this.
I decided to try the serum after a recommendation from a friend, who had greatly rejuvenated her face in a few weeks. I have been using it for 15 days and noticed a big difference myself. The skin began to age early, so at 28 it had fine wrinkles on the forehead. Now they are noticeably smoothed out and become almost invisible. I plan to use the serum for at least 30 days to see a greater effect.

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On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

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