Removio product review


Removio - product review

Removio is a cream designed to remove papillomas and warts. The results from using this cream will become noticeable within a week. For maximum results, it is recommended to apply the cream in small courses.

How to use? Instruction

Apply a small amount of cream to papillomas or warts and rub lightly with your finger. It is enough to carry out the procedure 1-2 times a day, depending on the size. The duration of use depends on the same factor. If the growth is not insignificant, the cream should be used within 30 days. With the regular appearance of warts and papillomas, the period of use of the drug is increased to one and a half months. If the growths are chronic and large, this period can be extended to 60 days.
It is recommended to repeat the sessions to confirm the result. This should be done three months before and at least six months after the course. Reuse of Removio significantly reduces the risk of recurrent warts and papillomas.

How does it work? Indications

Removio cream is used to combat warts and papillomas, as well as corns. The main condition is a dry surface. If it is full of liquid, the cream should not be applied. The action is due to the combination of sodium and potassium compounds. The ingredients penetrate the corn and trigger natural degradation processes.
Removio can have the following effects:

  • normalization of regenerative processes in tissue tissues;
  • quick elimination of aesthetic problems;
  • skin cell reconstruction.

Removio can be used anywhere on the body. For example, it can be used to remove growths on the face, arms, legs and back in the décolleté area. The main thing is to follow the instructions for using the product. If you take a break and do not treat warts or papillomas, the effectiveness decreases.


Removio does not contain synthetic or inorganic substances. Its main components are ginger oil, cinnamon, lemon balm extract, tea tree oil, lime essential oil and comfrey extract. These components are exclusively of vegetable origin. They act on tissues and initiate destructive processes in cells.
In addition, it contains nicotinamide and vitamin E.

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