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The best products for the treatment of papillomas

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The presence of papillomas, or, among the common people, warts, can cause a person to feel some awkwardness and discomfort, especially if these formations are located in prominent areas of the body. The good news is that warts can be removed easily. Below are some practical tips on how to get rid of papillomas with home remedies that also prevent new warts from forming on the body.

List of papillomas treatment methods

Salicylic acid

This product can be easily purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. You will need to apply the acid once a day, and this should be done after soaking the wart in warm water. You can get rid of the dead skin that develops over the wart by polishing it with a pumice stone. When doing this, be sure to use disposable pumice stones, as reusing them can cause the wart to spread.

Freeze the wart

You can freeze the wart with an over-the-counter product. In this case, it is necessary that the composition of the gel or cream includes liquid nitrogen.

Duct tape

You can get rid of the wart by covering it with duct tape. Experts recommend covering the wart with silver duct tape for 6 days, soaking it in water, and sucking the dead skin off the skin, leaving it open for 12 hours. Then the process must be repeated until the wart disappears completely.

Preventing the appearance of new papillomas

There are many ways to prevent new warts from forming. These preventive measures include:

Seeing a dermatologist

For a more competent treatment regimen, it is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced dermatologist, in order to avoid side effects from self-healing processes and skin damage.A knowledgeable specialist will definitely tell you what drugs are used for the most effective treatment for annoying warts. A list of remedies for getting rid of papillomas can be found on our website.