Lovense Diamo product review

Lovense Diamo

Lovense Diamo - product review

Lovense Diamo is a vibrating ring whose action is aimed at effectively achieving an erection. There are very few similar toys with a sufficient power level on the market. Due to its small size, it is quite problematic to fit a hardy battery into the design. But at Lovense Diamo, this problem is solved by using a lithium-ion battery. Also, the vibro-ring has a silky-smooth coating (silicone), pleasant and safe to use.

How to use? Instruction

The manual describes in detail the methods of operation, indicating the recommended measures before use, expressed in a full charge of the battery, and the production of charging in a resting state (do not use as directed during the charging period). Also, after charging the device, lubricate the intimate place and the surface of the vibrator with a lubricant. Next, activate the vibrator by means of voice dialing, and implement the operating mode in the options presented to you. It should be noted that in the drop-down menu you can make your own settings by changing the power and vibration parameters (constant, pulse, combined). [BR] After use, it is recommended to wash it with warm water and soap special for these devices. With a moisture percentage of no more than 30, in order to avoid damage to the silicone during storage.

How does it work? Indications

After the recommended full charge of the battery, which is indicated by the extinguished red indicator, turn it on by voice dialing or by means of a set sound. Next, in the menu that opens, the phone paired with the device, select the required operating mode, after having smeared the vibrato with a lubricant and the place where you will apply it.The end of the vibrator operation or the transition to other modes is also performed in the voice dialing mode.


The vibrating ring is made in a waterproof case, which is easy to wash and clean. It dries quickly and can be stored for a very long time. Supplied with a USB cable for charging from any power source (computer, tablet, mains charger).
The kit also includes a manual for operating and synchronizing with the owners gadgets of the vibrator. The software for stable operation is supplied on a memory card; over time, you can update it in the public domain by downloading it from Google Play and the App Store. The characteristic periods of use in the built-in modes are correspondingly equal at the first speed - 175 minutes. , on the second - 130 minutes. , on the third, powerful - 80 minutes.
If you wish, you can reprogram it to your liking, add a speed section or set power parameters. The delivery includes a lubricant lubricant to lubricate the working point of your body and the surface of the vibrator.

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Customer Reviews

"The vibrator is simple and straightforward to use. It is also important for me that the ring does not have a negative effect on the penis. I use the device in different modes, there are absolutely no complaints about the quality of the product. I learned from friends that such options are usually expensive, and I managed to buy Lovense Diamo at a low price. It's good that we have created such interesting options from the number of intimate goods."

"I use an erection ring for at least 2 hours a day, and I am completely satisfied with the technical characteristics of the product. The device works quite intensively, the sensations are always bright, while I do not notice rubbing and other discomfort. The products are created for real men, and since I consider myself to be just such, I plan to continue using this product in the future."

"This vibrator has become a real discovery for me - it is easy to use and handle, it provides vivid sensations from the very first minutes of operation. I ordered this product on the site, delivered quickly. I use the erection ring almost daily, and every time I get a persistent erection, increased sensitivity in the groin and a lot of positive emotions."


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