Lovense Ambi product review

Lovense Ambi

Lovense Ambi - product review

The Lovense Ambi is a versatile vibrator that is considered a novelty from a popular manufacturer. In high demand among models in specialized web chats. It features high power, which makes it several times stronger than other devices. A significant advantage is the ability to fine-tune for efficient operation.

Lovense Ambi is a versatile device that can effectively replace any type of vibratory bullet. The manufacturer recommends using the clitoris for fondling, while there are no difficulties with access to other erogenous zones. Several exposure options are considered a feature:

  • dot;
  • wide.

The developer was able to develop the shape in such a way that it provides for the ability to caress the body from any angle, while causing numerous positive sensations. The body of the device allows you to directly affect all areas of the clitoris and labia without exception. Specialized tips are intended exclusively for pinpoint caresses. The presence of the most convenient handle creates a comfortable environment for using the device.

How to use? Instruction

To use the device, you need to follow clear instructions:

  • Install a custom application.
  • Synchronize with device.
  • Selecting a mode of operation with subsequent activation.

The presence of an intuitive interface eliminates the possibility of errors. The application is optimized to work on any device.

How does it work? Indications

Users independently determine the speed and mode of operation. There are no difficulties in management, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. To turn on the device, just press the corresponding button.


During the manufacture of the device for sexual pleasures, only high quality medical silicone is used. A distinctive feature is considered:

  • no harmful components;
  • does not cause discomfort to use;
  • no need for additional specialized care.

After use, it is enough to rinse under running water and wipe with a clean cloth. The material does not cause an allergic reaction, which is confirmed by numerous studies.

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