Dianol product review


Dianol - product review

Dianol is a natural complementary micellar complex preparation.

How to use? Instruction

Adults and children (up to 12 years old). Reception in the morning and evening on an empty stomach for a capsule 0.5 hours before meals. It is washed down with liquid. The term of treatment is three times a year.
Children under 9 years of age. The content is poured into st.l. The spoon is refilled. pre-purified water. Drinks in the morning.
The next day, drink one colorless capsule, repeating the manipulations described above. The course of treatment is one month. Three times a year.
Children under 6 years old. The contents of the capsule are poured into spoons and a teaspoon is added. pre-purified water. They drink it in the morning half an hour before meals. Treatment period is 2 weeks.
Take one colorless capsule in the morning.
The permissible number of treatment courses is 3.

How does it work? Indications

The natural process of restoring the level of sensitivity of receptor cell structures to insulin content;

  • Restoration of functional beta cells of the pancreas;
  • Fix crashes;
  • Glucose regulation;

Prevention of pathological conditions provoked by an increase in blood glucose levels, concomitant complications from the central nervous system, the work of the heart and blood vessels, and other systems and organs.


It is based on the biological mass of black garlic, juice micelles, extracts and concentrates of plant substances of natural origin. The drug is enriched with encapsulated structural components containing trace elements calcium and potassium in combination with arginine and leucine.
There are several types of capsules in the package: colorless green and colorless. They have a unique composition: the cellular meristem of natural and plant substances with the highest level of bioavailability is completely dissolved in the liquid content of cellular structures. Direction: restoration and regulation of the work of organs and systems, changed in the process of changes in glucose assimilation, by individual action on the causes of insulin assimilation.
Warning! The encapsulated complex composition is recommended in the presence of forms with impaired glucose uptake.
Recommended during times of stress, drug infections and other forms of high blood sugar. The drug is used to prevent serious violations of blood glucose levels, with the inheritance of diabetes mellitus, existing failures of the structural components of the pancreas, the presence of inflammatory processes.

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