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Prostatricum - product review


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Prostatricum - product review

Prostatricum are the newest, non-nutritional, completely organic capsules for the fight against prostatitis with a general strengthening effect on the market.

Information - Prostatricum
Product Name Prostatricum
Official site www.Prostatricum.com
Price Prostatricum 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 23 ° C.
Delivery Country United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, India. The whole world
Delivery terms 4-11 days
Availability Available on the official website
Availability in pharmacies No
Customer Reviews 91% Positive

How to use? Instruction

The drug is taken 3 times a day, one capsule 30 minutes after a meal and washed down with plenty of water. You can not bite or dissolve the capsule in the mouth, its shell must dissolve in the stomach.
The course of treatment lasts 1 month, after which you need to consolidate the result for another month of taking capsules. In chronic prostatitis, it is advisable to continue taking the drug for six months.

How does it work?

The capsules act in a complex way, helping to cope not only with prostatitis, but also to improve the functioning of the body. When ingested, the active substances of the drug are sent to the vessels of the pelvic organs. While there, they normalize the work of the prostate gland and perform the following functions:

  • Cleaning blood vessels and normalizing blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • Elimination of stagnation in the urethra;
  • Removal of inflammation, burning and itching;
  • Destruction of disease-causing microflora;
  • Enhancing the immune functions of the male body;
  • Stabilization of hormone production;
  • Improving the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Improving the quality of sexual life;
  • Increase testosterone production.
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The capsules contain only natural ingredients, such as:

  • Antiviral, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory Ginkgo Biloba extract
  • Saw palmetto extract, which promotes good absorption of instant fats, increases physical and mental activity and nourishes ovarian tissue.
  • Zinc, which helps the immune system fight bacteria and viruses, promotes protein formation and regulates hormone production.
  • Echinacea, which normalizes kidney function, cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, and helps with inflammation of the genital organs.
  • Creeping Sulfur, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-normalizing effects.

Indications for use

Prostatricum capsules are intended for the treatment of prostatitis, the symptoms of which are the following conditions:
  • frequent urge to empty the bladder;
  • pain while urinating;
  • lack of sexual desire;
  • premature ejaculation or lack of orgasm;
  • soreness in the groin.


Since the components that make up the drug are 100% natural, there are no age restrictions for taking it. The only contraindication is individual intolerance.

Doctor's review

As a urologist, I can say that prostatitis is not only a disease of men of respectable age, as many people think. Recently, there are many young people among my patients with symptoms of prostate inflammation. It is important to realize that with illiterate treatment or carelessness, this disease can lead to very serious consequences, including the development of a malignant tumor. In addition, the symptoms of prostatitis are very unpleasant and greatly impair the quality of life, so I recommend that my patients start taking the natural and effective drug Prostatricum as early as possible. Its active ingredients help to quickly eliminate inflammation and relieve symptoms, as well as prevent further deterioration in health. Prostatricum helps to improve the functioning of the entire genitourinary system and erectile function.


Are there any negative reviews for the product Prostatricum?

We could not find any negative reviews from real buyers of the product Prostatricum

Can Prostatricum be ordered from a pharmacy or store?

Unfortunately, at the moment the product is not for sale in pharmacies and shops.

How long does delivery take?

On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

Price Prostatricum


Prostatricum Where to buy at a discount?

You can buy Prostatricum on the official website.

Product evaluation

The convenience of use
Ease of application
Affordable price
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Product efficiency
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Customer Reviews

Recently completed a course of treatment with Prostatricum. I have the most positive impressions about him. The price is low, the absence of chemical components in the composition, ease of use, fast action. Hopefully the effect will last for a long time.


Took Prostatricum capsules in the complex therapy of prostatitis. The result is excellent, so I am ready to recommend the drug to everyone who suffers from inflammation of the prostate gland.


He started taking Prostatricum for prostatitis on the recommendation of a urologist. The symptoms disappeared after a few days, so I can say that the drug acts quickly, and the result lasts for a long time. If earlier exacerbations of the disease happened 2 times a year, now it is almost a year, as it does not remind of itself.


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