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Prostect is a special preparation, created taking into account only effective and modern medical technologies. Thanks to him, men can forget about the unpleasant sensations and problems associated with such a disease as prostatitis. At the same time, manufacturers did not forget about the effectiveness of folk remedies, skillfully combining scientific data with the experience […]


Prostatricum are the newest, non-nutritional, completely organic capsules for the fight against prostatitis with a general strengthening effect on the market.


Urotrin is a new drug developed based on the latest research. This drug helps with prostatitis, phimosis, and due to the correctly selected effective composition, it does not have any side effects.


Revitaprost is an effective remedy for the treatment of prostatitis. The products are in the form of capsules, they must be consumed on schedule, at home. The drug performs the function of an antibiotic, anesthetic and uroseptic. Therefore, the use of this natural remedy replaces the intake of several medications at once, which saves and […]