The best products for the treatment of cystitis

Cystitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the bladder mucosa. Most often, this disease occurs in women due to the specific structure of the bladder. There are many reasons contributing to the appearance of cystitis: various infectious inflammations (E. coli, staphylococcus aureus), allergies, certain medications, hypothermia, urinary stagnation and many others.

How do you know if a disease is present?

The main symptoms that can indicate that the bladder is inflamed are pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, darkening and clouding of urine. These signals can help and warn of an illness that can spill over into a chronic one.

How to treat cystitis?

When treating cystitis, the following rules must be observed: bed / semi-bed rest, relapse prevention measures and medication as prescribed by a specialist. If it is not possible to receive treatment from a specialist, then the following should be done at home:
  • Avoid physical activity;
  • Keep the body warm;
  • Drink more fluids;
  • You can also drink a warm solution of baking soda, 2 tsp. for a glass of water;
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol.
In order to avoid illness or a second case, prophylaxis should be observed: do not overcool, monitor urination, do not come into contact with a potential carrier of inflammations (public swimming pools, etc.). Observed by a specialist who can help in time. There are also folk remedies that help in the treatment of cystitis. For example, an infusion of dill seeds. Pour boiling water over one tablespoon of seeds and leave for 2 hours. Take 3 times a day, one glass until the condition improves. The next option is chamomile decoction. Pour boiling water over 10 grams of dried flowers, cover and let it brew. However, folk remedies are used to alleviate the condition, but not for full treatment. There are different types of medicines that are used to treat cystitis. They are divided into capsules, suppositories and tablets. The tool should be chosen individually.Below you can read about the different medicines that can help with cystitis and improve your condition. You can also familiarize yourself with detailed information about each drug and choose the one that suits you. There is also a variation of means for enhancing immunity and preventing cystitis, which also has an important role.


Cystonette – are natural capsules designed to eliminate bladder problems. They help regardless of the cause that led to the incontinence. The drug has no side effects, so it is considered safe for your health. Already in the first week after the start of treatment, you can notice that trips to the toilet have become […]


Vigorelle is a cream specially designed for women. The tool must be used if there is a desire to improve your sex life. Often women do not experience complete arousal, so this aspect is reflected in the quality of intimacy. A sufficient amount of lubricant increases the chances of having pleasure for two partners. Vigorelle […]


Uromexil is an effective natural remedy for the main symptoms of prostatitis. With its help, you can feel noticeable improvements in the state of mens health after the first dose. The drug relieves painful sensations during urination and sexual intercourse, strengthens and prolongs an erection, fights premature ejaculation. Thanks to this, you can significantly improve […]


Cistat is an oral capsule made from herbal extracts. Indications for use of the drug: pyelonephritis; acute and chronic cystitis; ureteral enuresis; urolithiasis. Cistat natural products have been developed to relieve the symptoms of acute diseases of the reproductive system and prevent the exacerbation of the chronic course of these diseases. Nutritional supplements can be […]

Cyto Forte

Cyto Forte are capsules for cystitis, which help to eliminate severe pain and inflammation in the bladder. This remedy relieves painful symptoms and helps to eliminate the causes of urinary tract infection.