Varyforte product review
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Varyforte - product review

Varyforte is a comfortable pillow that allows you to get rid of varicose veins. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily applied to any diseased part of the legs, where there are unpleasant sensations associated with this disease. It is an excellent addition to the main type of treatment of the disease, fighting its main manifestations: pain, cramps, reduces the size of inflamed veins, and prevents the formation of blood clots.

How to use? Instruction

The Varyforte pillow can be used throughout the day during daily activities. It is applied to the disturbing areas of the legs, while it must be tightly, but without the appearance of painful sensations, fixed with Velcro. If you feel tight or uncomfortable, loosen the fixing straps.

How does it work? Indications

Too high heels, heavy lifting, hereditary predisposition, excess weight can cause the development of varicose veins. They protrude on the surface of the skin of the legs, causing not only aesthetic discomfort, but can also cause unpleasant symptoms. Pain, a feeling of "twisting", heaviness, swelling, convulsions are the main manifestations of this disease. You can fight it with the help of medications and surgery.
However, it is possible to remove the symptoms and reduce the effects of this disease with the Varyforte pillow. At its heart, the manufacturer used innovative silicon-coated glass beads. They have a massage effect by preventing the formation of congestion in the veins. Varyforte acts on the walls of blood vessels, fighting the formation of nodules - future blood clots, due to which blood cannot circulate stably in the lower extremities.
Varyforte reduces the size of inflamed veins by stimulating blood circulation. Also, the charged particles of the silicon base of the product interact with blood cells, due to which they begin to carry oxygen more actively. Because of this, the enrichment of the cells of the lower extremities with essential nutrients is improved, and metabolic products are better removed.
Thanks to the regular use of Varyforte, you can notice an improvement in the general condition of the legs, the feeling of heaviness disappears, fatigue and swelling disappear.


The product is based on glass (silicon) balls enclosed in a dense two-layer material presented in the form of a foot bandage. For ease of use, Velcro is attached to it, allowing the pillow to be fixed more firmly and firmly on the leg.

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