Varicosocks product review


Varicosocks - product review

Varicosocks are elastic stockings designed to create the necessary tonic and supportive effect for weakened blood vessels. The uniqueness of the product is the presence of algae fibers in the composition, which can provide an additional effect in the form of stimulation of blood circulation and reduction of congestion in the lower extremities.
Varicose enlargement provokes not only the appearance of unpleasant changes on the skin, but also causes a feeling of heaviness in the legs, pain, swelling. The use of Varicosocks compression stockings helps prevent the development of complications, slows down the progress of the disease and helps to reduce the intensity of symptoms in advanced cases.
The fabric from which the Varicosocks are made is hypoallergenic, so they can be used even by people with high skin sensitivity.
Stockings can be used for preventive purposes by clients who have to spend a long time on their feet, wear uncomfortable shoes or regularly lift heavy weights.

How to use? Instruction

It is enough to put on Varicosocks in the morning right after sleep, even before getting out of bed. They are thin enough that they can be worn even in summer shoes. Depending on the severity of the development of the disease, stockings are worn for several hours a day or in the morning until bedtime. The product should be hand washed daily and dried without using a dryer or heating device.

How does it work? Indications

The combined material Varicosocks improves blood circulation in the lower extremities and reduces the load on the vessels, preventing their further stretching. The use of stockings provides:

  • getting rid of heaviness and constant feeling of tiredness in the legs;
  • prevention of blood clots;
  • elimination of stagnation;
  • pain relief;
  • preventing the formation of edema from physical exertion;
  • help reduce the risk of developing an inflammatory response.


The product is made of a special material in which elastic fibers and algae are intertwined:

  • kelp;
  • spirogyra;
  • horogley.

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