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Toxipol is a remedy that can help you get rid of parasites and improve your health. The drug is in the form of a liquid concentrate, it is easy to use and is designed for home use. To eliminate the helminthic invasion, you do not have to go to the hospital, discuss this delicate problem, undergo diagnostics, and experience psychological discomfort. The specificity of the innovative development allows you to undergo effective therapy without the involvement of doctors, with full confidentiality. The tool is intended for the treatment of men and women.

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Product Name Toxipol
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Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 23 ° C.
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How to use? Instruction

To provide the expected effectiveness, Toxipol Concentrate should be consumed in 5 ml doses. Add this amount of the drug to 200 ml of warm water, stir and drink. Take the product in the morning, lunchtime and evening. The minimum duration of a therapeutic course is 1 month. It is important to shake the bottle vigorously before each use of the product.


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How does it work?

The drug Toxipol suppresses the activity of parasites, cleanses the intestines from them, as well as from their waste products. It normalizes digestion, eliminates skin inflammation, helps nutrients that enter the body from the diet to be fully absorbed. Prevents mental and physical exhaustion. Improves the condition of hair, nails; restores heart function, blood pressure indicators.


The Toxipol parasite solution is made without the addition of synthetics. The composition contains an extract of artichoke, clove, grapefruit, as well as a set of vitamins and trace elements. These substances perform several functions at once:

  • Suppress the vital activity of parasites, remove them from the intestines.
  • Saturate the blood with vitamins and microelements.
  • Normalize the work of all parts of the digestive tract.
  • Supports immunity, protects against infection by bacteria and viruses.
  • Organs are healed, since during helminthic invasion they are significantly damaged.

The drug Toxipol is hypoallergenic, known for good tolerance, health safety and a guarantee of achieving a positive result. The tool is so effective that during its use it is not necessary to additionally use drugs from the pharmacy range. This allows you to avoid the drug load on the body.

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Indications for use

Toxipol drops are designed to fight parasitic infections. The tool can be used for medicinal and prophylactic purposes.


Drops do not contain harmful chemical components that can negatively affect the functioning of internal organs and systems. Thus, Toxipol is excellent for the treatment and prevention of parasitic infections in all age groups. The only contraindication to drops is an allergy to the components that make up them.

Doctor's review

Many anthelmintic drugs on the market today are toxic to the body. The composition of such drugs includes powerful chemical compounds that have a positive effect on the work of internal organs and systems. Their use increases the risk of side effects by 56%. Therefore, I prefer Toxipol drops when treating patients who come to me with complaints of parasitic infections. This natural remedy is free of toxins. However, it fights all types of parasites no worse than all herbal preparations, removing their impurities from the body and restoring damaged tissues. I consider Toxipol one of the best pesticides!

Customer Reviews

During the summer holidays, the child becomes infected with worms. The doctors prescribed many drugs, but without success. The symptoms of the disease disappeared for a short time, but returned after a while. Fortunately, a doctor I know advised me to go through a series of treatment courses with Toxipol drops. As a result, the problem was resolved within 3 weeks without any consequences for the child's health. I think all parents should know about this drug!
I love seafood, I often eat sashimi. I know that I am at risk of contracting helminthiasis, so I take a course of Toxipol every six months. I do the tests regularly and the results are always negative. So I think these drops will do their job perfectly!
I always take Toxipol with me when I travel to hot countries. I have already become convinced of its versatility and effectiveness. The drops work great. I believe that Toxipol should always be at hand!

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Unfortunately, at the moment the product is not for sale in pharmacies and shops.

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On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

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