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Sustasil is a complex remedy for the treatment of joint diseases in the form of a gel. The drug has universal remedies. Has undergone numerous clinical trials in which it has been proven effective in the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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How to use? Instruction

Sustasil gel is applied to the skin around the affected joints. Given the moderate depth of penetration of the gel in comparison with ointments and creams, it is better to rub in the drug.To do this, use light massage movements, do not rub, this is unnecessary. Make sure that the gel is absorbed, this is important. At first, you will feel warmth, then a mild analgesic effect, which will gradually increase over the next 30 minutes.
Manufacturers recommend using Sustasil three times a day. This is what the instruction says. The full course, as studies have shown, is 30 days. This is enough to stop the articular syndrome and stabilize the condition. This is also enough for the joint to be “nourished” with the missing nutrients.


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How does it work?

Sustasil has a versatile range of effects. First of all, it is anesthesia. It is pain that forces patients to look for drugs among pharmacy options or in traditional medicine. Pain impulses are reduced mainly due to herbal extracts and the irritating effect of propolis. The effect is realized over time, persisting with the correct use of the gel.
The anti-inflammatory effect is based on improving microcirculation, reducing spasm of arterioles, as well as intensifying cell metabolism, enhancing immunity.
The incorporation of mucopolysaccharides into the structure of the cartilage and bone matrix occurs due to glucosamine and chondroitin. As part of the gel, they are better absorbed by the periarticular tissues and synovial fluid. This is what determines the high bioavailability and the rapid onset of a persistent effect.


Herbal ingredients allow you to take Sustasil without fear for the state of your liver and kidneys, because there are a minimum of chemical compounds in it. Thus, propolis extract has always been known for its analgesic effect due to its mild irritating effect. Studies have repeatedly proven the participation of this biogenic substrate in cellular immunity, which is important in the balance between osteo- and chondrogenesis, on the one hand, and resorption of the bone-cartilage matrix, on the other.

  • Another biological component is shark liver. It acts as a stimulator of natural processes - the biosynthesis of synoviocytes and synovial fluid, which is responsible for the damping of movements, gives lightness and sliding. In addition, shark liver eliminates inflammation of the periarticular (periarticular) tissues.
  • Clover extract acts on the microvasculature. The rheology is improved. The process of salt crystal deposition slows down, which is important in the prevention and treatment of gout, pyrophosphate arthropathy. In addition, pain impulses decrease, as the severity of vascular spasm decreases. Sabelnik is another herbal ingredient in Sustasil. It has a warming effect and also promotes intensive cell regeneration. Sea buckthorn in the form of an extract is a source of vitamins and micronutrients, as well as a substrate that helps to better assimilate other compounds.
  • Finally, chondroitin and glucosamine are compounds that are normally found in the ligaments, cartilage lining, and synovium of the joints. Using Sustasil, we compensate for the deficiency of these substances, which appears and aggravates during the aging process, as well as in degenerative and inflammatory pathologies. The molecules are incorporated into the cellular structure and intercellular space, eliminating defective collagen, thereby promoting the synthesis of normal collagen.

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Indications for use

Sustasil is recommended for the following conditions:
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Chondrosis;
  • Heel spur;
  • Gout;
  • Pyrophosphate arthropathy;
  • Diabetic lesions of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Lupus lesion;
  • Injuries, bruises;
  • Crystalline arthropathies.
Any inflammation of the joints, ligaments, entheses, synovia can be treated with Sustasil gel.


The drug should not be purchased and used in childhood, since this issue has not been sufficiently studied. The second situation where Sustasil is contraindicated is in the state of pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Given the presence of herbal ingredients, the drug can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, in the presence of allergic attitudes, it is better not to risk and not use the gel, or try to apply a small amount to a limited area of ​​the skin (test).If there is no reaction, continue treatment, but just in case, purchase antihistamines.

Doctor's review

It is good that it is possible to prescribe relatively inexpensive, but very effective ointments and gels. After all, NSAIDs with comorbid pathology worsens renal function, injures the gastric mucosa. Sustasil is good for pain relief and works for the future.

Customer Reviews

Fast effect, inexpensive. And most importantly, not pills.
I have been using it for six months already. Intermittently. Now I can afford those loads that I stopped dreaming about a year ago. I even get up on skis. Delight!
I dont trust chemistry. But herbal ingredients, natural product - just right! Sustasil helps. But only if you apply it for at least 1-2 months. But Im already used to it.

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