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Suganorm is a concentrated biological substance created on the basis of natural plant extracts, oils, concentrated in several types of capsules.

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How to use? Instruction

It is recommended to use at the initial stages of the disease, the presence of a predisposition in the form of sharp fluctuations in sugar indicators, and a violation of tolerance.
In the treatment of type 1 diabetes, it is difficult to do without subcutaneous administration of insulin, the body has a hormone deficiency. The capsules will help control metabolism and reduce the risk of further complications.
In type 2 diabetes, glucose excretion is impaired due to weight problems, excess in the intake of substances, with food intake.
The natural composition helps to avoid fluctuations in glucose parameters, removing excess, stimulating processing. The package contains 20 capsules of each variety. The dosage of the drug, the course of treatment depend on the age characteristics of the patient.

  1. For children under 6 years old. Admission starts from 3 years old. Reception in a capsule, with alternating color and colorless fractions. The drug is taken half an hour before meals, washed down with liquid. If it is difficult for a child to swallow a capsule, it dissolves in a liquid, washed down with water.
  2. Children (under 12 years old). Colored in the morning, colorless in the evening, washed down with water. Duration of treatment is 3 weeks. After a 7 day interval, the course resumes. 3 courses are recommended.
  3. From 12 years old and older, take several capsules in the morning and in the evening. In the morning - reception of colored fractions, half an hour before dinner - colorless fractions. The period of treatment is a month, 4 courses are carried out throughout the year.


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How does it work?

  • Colorless - a powdery composition that improves metabolic processes, lowering glucose content, bringing it to an optimal level.
  • Colored - oily forms of components. They normalize the activity of internal organs and systems, endocrine glands, blood vessels. Capsules are taken separately, at certain hours, not mixed.

The drug does not eliminate the disease: since it is impossible to cure diabetes mellitus, it has a supportive effect on the body. In the majority of patients taking the drug in addition to the main treatment, improvements in well-being and general condition are observed.


The active substances are divided into several fractions: colored and colorless. Colorless:

  • Amaranth (seeds);
  • Goji (fruit);
  • Black cumin;
  • Rosehip (fruit);
  • and others.

The color fraction contains oily extracts:

  • Pine nut;
  • Milk thistle;
  • Sunflower and other plant components.

The rich content of the drug provides a variety of effects, effectiveness in treatment.

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Indications for use

Suganorm helps to improve the rate of diabetes mellitus, if the sugar level is high, then the tablets will perfectly cope with the task in front of the patient. Because diabetes mellitus brings discomfort to human life, pathologies are formed that cause complications. Suganorm reduces the number of pathologies and helps not to lose heart in diabetes. The tablets cannot be used with other medicines and must be taken with a glass of water. Medicines are taken daily, while each patient has a course that the doctor prescribes individually. Therefore, the drug should not be taken on its own, you first need to consult a doctor.


Suganorm is suitable for diabetics with any complicated form, but those who doubt should not take medication. Before taking pills, you need to consult a specialist who understands medicines and will help you choose a course of treatment. Therefore, you do not need to take risks and take the drug yourself without the permission of your personal pediatrician.

Doctor's review

Suganorm is suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus who have complex manifestations. The medicine acts as a prophylactic agent, while perfectly replacing sugar. I advise the pills as a reliable assistant so that the patient stay in shape and at the same time not lose heart. My patients often praise the pills for their miraculous effect, which takes away discomfort in the body and at the same time makes a person feel life to the fullest!

Customer Reviews

The drug was prescribed to me by a pediatrician, at first I did not want to take anything, because I was tired of the number of pills. After the course, I realized that Suganorm is a good remedy and substitute that helps to restore the body. Thanks to medicine for the pills that have a beneficial effect on the human body, which suffers from diabetes mellitus.
Thanks to the doctor who prescribed this drug to me, I advise those who have diabetes, even with complex forms. Before taking it, it is better to consult a doctor to find out more about the drug. Sometimes even these pills can cause allergies or complications, so don't risk it. However, Suganorm helps me and my grandmother and feels comfort in the body!
Thanks to medicine for the high-quality pills that make a sick person feel life, I advise everyone!

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