SnoreBlock product review


SnoreBlock - product review

SnoreBlock is a highly effective and effective snoring remedy. It will work regardless of the underlying causes of breathing problems during sleep. The drug is created exclusively from natural ingredients that can significantly improve the quality of the breathing process. SnoreBlock reduces airway swelling by providing a soothing effect on irritated tissues in the throat and larynx. Improves the process of inhalation and exhalation, strengthening the walls of the mucous membrane.

How to use? Instruction

Before use, it is recommended to read the instructions indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging of the drug. It must be taken daily without interruption for 30 days. If necessary, taking the drug can be repeated, after making a preliminary break for 10-14 days.

How does it work? Indications

The SnoreBlock drug affects not only the main causes of snoring, but the entire body as a whole. Snoring can usually be caused by swelling of the throat and nasal congestion caused by pathogens. The agent fights against the pathogenic environment, reducing tissue damage. The natural components of the preparation stimulate the formation of new cells, strengthening local immunity. Also, the drug helps to remove excess mucus from the nasal passages, due to which the amount of inhaled air increases.
Snoring can also occur due to weakening of the muscles in the larynx, as a result of which the airway becomes partially blocked. SnoreBlock revitalizes weakened muscles by increasing the ability to breathe deeply and evenly.
Some of the components that make up the drug have a mild calming effect, normalizing the functioning of the nervous system and giving a peaceful and deep sleep.


Only natural herbal ingredients with proven efficacy and safety are used in the SnoreBlock preparation:

  • peppermint - has an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, noticeably reduces swelling in the larynx;
  • lemon balm leaves - soothe the nervous system, stabilize sleep, normalize calm and even breathing;
  • thyme - supports the health of the respiratory system, enhances immunity, strengthens the tone of the throat muscles;
  • yellow root extract - reduces the amount of mucus accumulated in the sinuses and nasal passages, makes breathing easier, soothes the nervous system;
  • marshmallow root - softens mucous membranes, envelops, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

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