Rhino-Correct product review
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Rhino-Correct - product review

Rhino-Correct is a device for correcting the appearance of the nose and its parameters. This tool can be used by men and women at home; no special skills or training is required for operation. The corrector has the shape of a langette, it allows you to correct the length and shape of the nose without plastic surgery and painful injections, and the outcome of which sometimes cannot be foreseen even by specialists who perform such procedures. Using Rhino-Correct will allow you to safely approach correcting imperfections in appearance.

How to use? Instruction

The clip should be worn for at least two hours, three times a day. The duration of the course is usually at least 3 months, it all depends on the desired parameter and the initial characteristics of the nose. The clothespin does not squeeze the nostrils at all, it is enough to put it on correctly, placing it parallel to the back of the nose. The bottom of the Rhino-Correct should be in contact with the tip of the nose.

How does it work? Indications

The corrector has a direct effect on the cartilaginous part. Due to constant mechanical compression, the cartilaginous part takes the correct shape. 14 days after constantly wearing the corrector three times a day for 2 hours, you can already observe the primary transformations of the nose, it becomes smoother and narrower, but in this case you should not interrupt wearing it.


The device is made of transparent, hypoallergenic plastic, which is absolutely safe for health and does not cause any irritation. The composition is carefully developed, thanks to this you can:
easy to carry out hygienic processing, just wipe with a napkin;
use for a very long period of time.
No traces remain on the skin, including bruises, pigmentation.
the tip of the nose is gradually corrected, it becomes much more beautiful and neat.
The product weighs only 15 grams and is easy to transport.
Specialists have established the safety of use for health, the respiratory function is not disturbed, the corrector has a quality certificate. Experts have found that the langette reduces the length and width of the nose, smoothes the hump, and eliminates asymmetry. To achieve the desired effect, you must complete the full course, even with the initial improvement in appearance, you should not violate it. The product, according to experts, helps to eliminate post-traumatic defects.

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