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RedRoot is a tincture designed to eliminate inflammation of the prostate. When creating it, a unique formula was used. The active components of the agent contribute to the complete cure of prostatitis and the normalization of the genitourinary system.

As a result of the development of prostatitis, a mans life deteriorates significantly. If you do not take measures aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process, there is a risk of irreparable consequences. Therefore, treatment should be started without delay. RedRoot will help with this.

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How to use? Instruction

The instructions that come with the tincture describe in detail the rules for taking RedRoot. This remedy should be taken twice a day. In this case, five drops of the tincture should be diluted in a tablespoon of water. The course of treatment is exactly one month.


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How does it work?

RedRoot has a complex effect on the male body. Its active substances help to eliminate the causes that provoked inflammation of the prostate. In addition, the drops help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. When they are taken, the inflammatory process is arrested, and protective functions are activated. Due to this, the risk of recurrence is significantly reduced. Thanks to the use of the tincture, the following results can be achieved:

  • elimination of erectile dysfunction;
  • increased sex drive;
  • normalization of the genitourinary system;
  • restoring the urination process.

Drops have not only anti-inflammatory, but also antibacterial, tonic effect.They are effective in treating men of all ages.


When creating a tincture, only natural ingredients are used. Among them:

  • red root. Contributes to the normalization of the activity of the male reproductive system. At the same time, libido increases, and potency increases;
  • fir oil. Stops the inflammatory process and reduces the severity of symptoms. In addition, this substance helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • rhodiola roots. Promotes the health of the prostate and overall improvement of the condition;
  • pumpkin pulp. Presented as an extract. It is rich in zinc, which prevents active proliferation of tissues in the area of ​​the prostate gland;
  • Ussuri pear. Eliminates inflammation, relieves of such pathology symptoms. Like painful urination, discomfort. In addition, it allows you to quickly get rid of the disease.

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Indications for use

The use of RedRoot is indicated for prostatitis, deterioration of potency, erectile dysfunction. Drops help to eliminate all the symptoms that appear with inflammation of the prostate gland.


The drug is created on the basis of natural ingredients and due to this it is characterized by maximum safety. There are no contraindications to its use.

Doctor's review

Treatment of prostatitis is not an easy task. As a rule, prostate massage is used during therapy. Many men refuse such procedures, considering them extremely humiliating. Fortunately, now there is an alternative to such treatment. For example, I prescribe RedRoot to my patients. Tincture with a unique, carefully selected composition allows you to cure prostatitis in just a month, without even resorting to massage. At the same time, the condition begins to improve from the first days after the start of therapy. This is an effective tool that allows you to normalize the state of the genitourinary system and restore the male body.

Customer Reviews

I never thought that I would have to experience all the delights of prostatitis. It all started with premature ejaculation. In the future, an erection ceased to be noted at all, pronounced pain sensations appeared, which manifested themselves in the process of urination. In general, the problem developed rapidly. Spas RedRoot. This is an excellent tincture that helped me get rid of the disease. Now I live a full life and gradually begin to forget about what happened to me recently.
I did not dare to treat prostatitis with massage. From the very thought of how they do it, it becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, he began looking for an alternative method of therapy. Accidentally in the network came across an advertisement for this tool. I immediately decided to buy and try. I took it strictly according to the instructions. The result exceeded all expectations. And in less than a month, the condition returned to normal.
I bought RedRoot for my husband. The drops have proven to be effective. Against the background of their use, side effects were not observed. At the same time, all the symptoms of prostatitis began to appear less pronounced, and then completely disappeared. The process of urination has returned to normal, and the sex life has become more primordial.

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