Orthofix product review


Orthofix - product review

Orthofix is a medical product that fights flat feet.
Quite often you can see people with deformed feet. As a rule, this is a vulgus, a distinctive feature of which is the curved axis of the foot. The longitudinal vaults are flattened and the inner edges hang down.
Regarding the causes of occurrence, it should be noted that they arise as a result of deformation from an early age of the child. The feet are not always able to distribute the load from the body. Deformity in children can appear from the first attempts to walk, that is, when taking the first steps. This type of pathology can be:

  • Acquired character;
  • Congenital type.

Vulgus deformity can be diagnosed even before delivery.
It is also worth noting that there can be many reasons. Other types of diseases can also affect: rickets, diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems. The influence of hereditary predisposition should not be neglected. Obesity can also cause deformity.
It should be said that vulgus deformity is not only an external defect, but also a problem in the development of the musculoskeletal system. Active activity also has a significant and negative impact.

How to use? Instruction

When flat feet appear or are detected, it is best to go to the orthopedic department to more experienced specialists. You can also go to traumatologists to take a picture so that it is clear which prescription to prescribe to patients. Since the deformation can be of a different nature. Regarding the treatment period, it is worth noting that the doctors themselves write out a detailed prescription.

How does it work? Indications

It is worth noting that during the course of treatment, along with exercises to straighten the bones, the drug helps the bones themselves acquire the desired shape. Over time, the foot begins to acquire a favorable appearance, and a person can walk better and more actively. After the entire course of treatment, anyone can even start an active lifestyle.


The drug is a tablet. The composition includes extracts of natural ingredients that have a fast action in terms of treating deformity and returning the foot to its normal state.

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