Optivision product review


Optivision - product review

Optivision is an oral syrup. The duration of the course is 30 days, during which time vision is fully restored, depending on the reason for the decrease in the work of the visual organ. Indications for use are: the presence of glaucoma, various types of cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, sensitivity to bright light, excessive dryness of the eyes. Optivision is recommended to be taken as a preventive measure to prevent ophthalmic disorders that may be associated with frequent eye fatigue caused by prolonged work at a computer or watching television.
Contraindication to use is individual intolerance to certain components, pregnancy and lactation. Also, this remedy is not recommended for children under the age of three.
The drug is recommended for use if the following symptoms are detected: poor color perception, rapid eye fatigue, increased lacrimation, burning and stinging, sensitivity to bright light, decreased visual acuity. Optivision has a preventive effect against complications and possible diseases of the optic organ. It contains exclusively natural components, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the main cause with the subsequent restoration of vision.

How to use? Instruction

Optivision is recommended to be taken according to the manufacturer's instructions, and not to exceed the recommended dosage in order to get the fastest result. The course of administration is 1 month: dilute 1 scoop in 150 ml of warm water, take twice a day half an hour before meals.

How does it work? Indications

Strengthens the eye muscles, relieves fatigue, restores the retina. You can order Optivision right now on the manufacturer's official website at an affordable price.


The Optivision formulation is based solely on ingredients of natural origin. Its basis is: linseed oil, lutein, zinc, zeaxanthin, blueberry extract, vitamin and mineral complexes. Synthetic compounds, as well as preservatives, GMOs, are not present in the composition.

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