Melatolin Plus product review

Melatolin Plus

Melatolin Plus - product review

Melatolin Plus is an innovative treatment for insomnia. Some people may fall asleep for a short time. The disease is a disease, since it significantly reduces the activity and productivity of the human body. Insomnia can be caused by excessive stress, previous events or illness. Capsule tablets in a natural shell will help to restore healthy, sound sleep and improve the general condition of a person. Melatolin Plus is not a drug or dietary supplement. Has no side effects. The main contraindication is considered to be individual intolerance to the components. You can start therapy at any age. Due to its natural composition, it is completely safe for humans.

How to use? Instruction

The tablets are drunk 30-40 minutes before bedtime with plenty of water. The dosage is 0.5 - 2 capsules per day. The duration of the course depends on the human body. On average, it should be taken within one month.

How does it work? Indications

Melatolin Plus works right from the first use. The cumulative effect continues to affect the body after the completion of the course. Regular use of the capsules will significantly reduce sleep fatigue and calm the body. The complex effect of the tablets relieves the symptoms of insomnia and eliminates the cause of its appearance. The drug controls the nervous system and helps to fall asleep in a short time.


The main components of the tablets are:

  • Yarrow is a diuretic that removes toxins and relieves inflammation in the body. Restores the nervous system and improves mood.
  • Echinacea - strengthens the body, improves local immunity and relieves pain.
  • Schizandra - relieves stress, combats depressive disorders.
  • Rosehip - restarts the work of the whole organism, without disrupting natural metabolism.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is an anti-aging agent that stimulates blood flow, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure and restores the body.
  • Vitamin and mineral composition - contributes to improved absorption and enhances the effectiveness of other components.

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