Intoxic product review


Intoxic - product review

Intoxic is an effective remedy against worms. Many symptoms indicate their presence in the body: allergic reactions, bruises under the eyes, poor appetite, diarrhea, migraines and much more. If such signs are found, blood tests should be done immediately, which will allow the doctor to quickly diagnose the problem and prescribe treatment.
Intoxic is a parasite remedy that can be taken by children and adults. Many people opt for this drug, which will allow them to forget forever about helminths that spoil their well-being. If we compare Intoxic with other similar products, it is important to note the presence of a completely natural composition that is safe for health.

How to use? Instruction

The dosage is different for different age groups. You need to use the drug strictly according to the instructions that come with the Intoxic product. Manufacturer's recommendations should not be ignored.
Children over 6 years old and adults take 10 drops of the drug, diluted in 2 tbsp. l. warm water 30 minutes before meals. The procedure is performed 3 times a day. For adults, the course of effective treatment is a month, for children - 20 days. If Intoxic is taken prophylactically, 15 days of administration is sufficient.

How does it work? Indications

The drug has excellent efficacy in comparison with other analogues. Functions:

  • neutralization of helminth eggs;
  • cleansing the intestines from worms;
  • elimination of toxins - waste products of parasitic organisms;
  • restoration of normal functioning of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, tissue regeneration / healing;
  • increase resistance.

After completing the full course, each body system will begin to work without failures. The parasites will be destroyed!


Intoxic acts on the body as efficiently as possible, which can be easily explained by the high-quality choice of the drug's ingredients. They have a powerful blow to various parasites. The composition contains:

  • Sumakh juice - elimination of decay, removal of helminths from the intestines.
  • Bear bile - breaks down the eggs of parasites, and then gently removes them from the body.
  • Ferulu Dzungarskaya, which has a deadly effect on pathogenic bacteria, and also stops the development of viral infections.

The composition includes 20 auxiliary components that are synthesized and help the body restore the functioning of important organs.

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