ImmunoActivator product review


ImmunoActivator - product review

ImmunoActivator is a remedy that helps improve immunity. The drug blocks the development of viral infections, increases vitality, reduces the risk of depression and removes unnecessary toxins from the body.
The ImmunoActivator is needed in order to fully restore the body’s protective function. It manifests itself very effectively in case of problems with immunities, dysfunctions of the body, excessive susceptibility to vapors and various kinds of infections.
The main feature of the drug is its easy absorption.

How to use? Instruction

The drug must be taken three times a day, one tablet at a time. Meals do not matter. The main thing is that the pill itself is washed down with water.
The duration of the course varies depending on age and health condition.
The preventive course is designed for at least 40 days.
An effective course that will save you from regular colds is designed for at least two months.
For the most advanced cases, there is a maximum rate. It is intended for people with very poor immunity. Duration - 2.5 months.
To consolidate the result, it is recommended to take a second course. Breaks between courses should be at least 3 months, but not more than six months.

How does it work? Indications

If you use the drug as a prophylactic agent, then ImmunoActivator will adjust the work of the organs that are responsible for protecting the body. Blood circulation and other metabolic processes will be stimulated, and tissues will be saturated with useful microelements.
If the immune system is constantly attacked by infections or viruses, then the drug will help create additional protection, saturate it with the necessary microelements.


The main ingredient of the preparation is shiitake mushroom. More precisely, the extract of its fruiting body. This substance contains many beneficial elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein and non-calcareous acids.
The extract is based on a polysaccharide. It is responsible for stimulating the production of interferon. This fact suggests that the component is immunostimulating.
There are also additional ingredients:

  • Ginseng. It has an effect on the nervous system, tones the body, relieves weakness and ailments.
  • Red grapes. Serves as an antioxidant. Answers yes, normal blood circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots, affects metabolic processes.
  • Hibiscus. Improves the condition of the organs that are involved in the production of antibodies. Due to this, the protective function is improved and it is easier for the body to resist infections and bacteria.

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