FlexOptima product review


FlexOptima - product review

FlexOptima is a healing ointment based on natural ingredients, indicated for patients suffering from pain in the joints caused by diseases such as rheumatism and osteoporosis. The clinic of pathology notes the destruction of tissues, which causes pain, discomfort during movement, and subsequently to disability.

How to use? Instruction

Apply to painful areas of the body twice a day - morning and evening, rubbing in for 3-5 minutes, do not rinse.
The duration of the application time depends on the doctors prescription and on the course of the disease, but not less than a month.
With a complex degree of the disease, the course is extended to 1.5 months.
In the chronic course of the disease, the maximum therapy is prescribed - 2 months.
After the completion of treatment, a fixing course is carried out, which is carried out after 3 months.

How does it work? Indications

It has a warming effect, while stimulating the circulatory system and metabolic processes in tissues, and also contributes to the replenishment of synovial fluid, which prevents the destruction of joints, regeneration occurs and the destruction and deformation of cartilaginous tissues is eliminated.
With prophylactic use, it relieves inflammation and eliminates the spread of infectious microbes.
In addition to its therapeutic effects, FlexOptima ointment relieves swelling and fatigue symptoms.
Side effects can only be with individual intolerance to the constituent components.
Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
Safe use in combination with other medications prescribed by your doctor.
To date, FlexOptima ointment is an irreplaceable ointment, both for complex diagnoses and for simple bruises and inflammatory tumors, the affordable price and availability in pharmaceutical points allows it to be used by a wide mass of the population.
Recommended based on research and feedback.


FlexOptima has only plant-based ingredients.
It is prescribed both for treatment and as a preventive measure, has a complex effect on painful spots, is relevant for use for all age groups and has no side complications.

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