Factor 30 - product review

Factor 30

Factor 30 - product review

Factor 30 is a remedy for male potency. The best choice for those who have begun to have difficulties not only with sexual activity, but also have problems with the work of the circulatory system. There will be no complications from the natural gel, and the intimate life will again proceed as usual.
Factor 30 has a complex effect and allows you to get rid of all disorders that negatively affect potency. Thanks to the natural composition, you can be sure that the drug will not cause side effects. He also has no contraindications. The result is preserved for a long time due to the cumulative effect.

Information - Factor 30
Product Name Factor 30
Official site www.Factor
Price Factor 30 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 23 ° C.
Delivery Country United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, India. The whole world
Delivery terms 4-11 days
Availability Available on the official website
Customer Reviews 91% Positive
Availability in pharmacies No

How to use? Instruction

Factor 30 must be applied in a small layer over the entire length of the penis. After that, it is necessary to rub in the gel so that it is better absorbed. The duration of the course is from one to three months. It is determined individually based on the severity of the situation. Before using it is necessary to read the instructions.


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How does it work?

Thanks to the action of the gel, you can get rid of bacteria and infections that lead to a violation of intimate health. In the pelvic organs, blood circulation is normalized. Sensitivity will return to you.
There are many different drugs that are designed for male potency. However, only Factor 30 is the most optimal choice. After all, it not only prevents heart dysfunction, but also neutralizes problems associated with blood circulation. There will be no shelf effects after using the natural gel. Only a real result and a healthy intimate life.


For the manufacture of the gel, only natural ingredients are tried on, which can in no way harm sensitive intimate health. The plant extracts of the extract are invigorated with the main reasons for the violation of sexual activity. After eliminating the main focus, the ingredients begin to strengthen other necessary processes. In addition to the main ingredients, vitamins have been added to enhance the action.

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Indications for use

Factor 30 gel is a drug that can solve the problems of men with potency. It is especially useful for those who, in addition to sexual inconveniences, have disturbances in the functioning of the circulatory system.


They, according to the results of many years of use and research, have not been identified in Factor 30 gel. This is explained by the presence in the composition of the product only of extracts and extracts from plants that have been used for centuries in various countries to treat sexual dysfunctions in men.

Doctor's review

Male sexual health is among the main conditions for normal family relationships. Unfortunately, today it is in one way or another undermined in a large number of representatives of the strong half of humanity. There are many reasons for this; among them - a bad environment, constant stress in life, at work; change in water quality, nutrition. As a result, potency suffers, due to the absence or insufficient erection, normal sexual intercourse is impossible. Behind all this, there can be discord in the family, up to a divorce. Medicine today has learned to treat potency problems in men. Science has created a number of effective preparations for this, among which Factor 30 gel can be recommended. It is simple to use - it is applied to the surface of the penis and rubbed into the tissues. A single application ensures normal intercourse; if you do this every day for a month, a long-term effect is possible with the restoration of sexual functions lost by the body.

Customer Reviews

I didn’t think that potency disturbances would affect me someday. But they did. I got upset, of course, and my wife and I started having problems at home. I made an appointment with a sex therapist. He recommended taking a course with Factor 30. This is a gel, it is applied to the penis, rubbed into the tissues. They do this every day for a whole month. After me everything was restored: now I had not had an erection before; the warmest relationship with my wife. Hope the gel cleared my problems for good.
With age, he began to suffer from problems with potency. Sexual desires remained, but the ability to satisfy them began to malfunction. And the further, the more. Sometimes it even happens ashamed - not old at all, but here it is. I talked to a neighbor. This and that, he told about the problem. He advised me to try Factor 30 gel. An inexpensive remedy, I just smeared my penis, rubbed the product into the fabric and in half an hour I was ready for one hundred percent. And so it happened. Now I am saving myself with the drug and thanks to it I still feel capable of much ...
Recently I got married, everything was fine in bed with my wife. Self-confidence is rife. But after a while, malfunctions with an erection began. I had to see a doctor. He asked, said that, most quickly, from the stress at work - it was like that. I wrote out Factor 30 gel. I used it according to the instructions, the potency disorder was gone. Everything was restored, family relations too.

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On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

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