Electricity saving box product review

Electricity saving box

Electricity saving box - product review

The Electricity saving box is a device that can reduce energy consumption by at least 15%. Moreover, the device also has a protective function, during voltage fluctuations, damage to the electronics is minimized. The equipment does not fail, and its power factor increases. The safety and efficiency of the device is confirmed by its quality certificate.

How to use? Instruction

Using the Electricity saving box is more than simple. The package contains detailed instructions for use, which describe the features of the device's functioning, its technical characteristics, as well as complete rules for effective and safe use.
In order to save as much energy as possible, the device should be connected to the outlet closest to the electricity meter. When the device starts to work, the lights on the case will light up. After you turn off your electrical appliances from the mains, you can remove the device from this outlet.
Power consumption of electricity 15 kW. The device does not harm the electrical wiring at all, but it reduces the number of consumed kilowatts.

How does it work? Indications

Even in the case of using several devices that consume a large amount of electricity, the Electricity saving box showed itself only on the positive side, an increase in kilowatt consumption is not allowed. The device also perfectly performs preventive measures, the possibility of a circuit in the wiring is reduced to zero.
Thanks to the careful design of the Electricity saving box and the specifics of its operation, you can significantly save not only electricity, but also reduce your utility bills. The device has a long service life, its purchase will not only pay off quickly, but also will reduce your bills for a long time.


Externally, the Electricity saving box is a small square box made of high quality durable plastic. product weight is only 220 grams. There are indicator lights on the body itself. The product looks attractive in the interior of any room due to its laconic design, it does not attract any attention to itself.
In the Electricity saving box, the connector is also for the Euro socket, thus, the operational energy-saving capabilities of the device are increased.

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