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Ceracare is a remedy for diabetes. The drug helps to normalize blood sugar levels and prevents complications.

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How to use? Instruction

This remedy must be taken one capsule daily with meals with a glass of clean water. Be sure to consult your doctor.


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How does it work?

Fast-acting Ceracare capsules with cumulative effect:

  • have a positive effect on the endocrine system and the performance of its functions (including increasing the production of natural insulin by the pancreas);
  • lower blood glucose levels;
  • strengthen the walls of blood vessels, contribute to their restoration;
  • improve appetite by stimulating the hunger center;
  • increase the secretion of the glands of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the secretion of bile and have a mild laxative effect.


The formula of the drug is borrowed from traditional medicine, which has practically proven its effectiveness over the years. The capsules contain exclusively natural ingredients, selected in accordance with the principles of synergy (that is, natural substances complement and enhance each others beneficial properties). Main active ingredients:

  • amaranth extract (contains a balanced protein and trace element composition, vitamins A, B, C, P, K, squalene - an oxygen vitamin);
  • centaury extract (contains alkaloids, ascorbic and oleic acids, essential oil, resins).

Since medicinal herbs grow at a certain time of the year, depending on the season, it is possible to replace some components of the extracts with their active counterparts, which are completely identical in their action. Ceracare has been pharmacologically tested and proven in numerous studies.

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Indications for use

The main indication for the use of this drug is diabetes mellitus. But since Ceracare contains extracts of amaranth and centaury, it is also effective for skin diseases, anemia, insomnia, painful periods, impotence, diseases of the joints and nervous system, tumors, and improves the condition of radiation therapy.


There are no contraindications to the use of Ceracare capsules (except for individual intolerance to the components). Since the product contains only natural products in its composition, side effects do not develop after taking it. Therefore, it can be taken by all patients.

Doctor's review

Ceracare has been tried and tested over the years. The medicinal herbs that make up the capsules contain a large amount of vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances, which has a good effect on the metabolism in the human body. In particular, in diabetes mellitus, the agent helps to reduce the number of insulin injections, as it improves the functions of the endocrine system and increases the release of hormones. Ceracare is safe to use at any age and with any concomitant diseases, it allows you to stop using hormones, antibiotics and other synthetic drugs.

Customer Reviews

I have been suffering from type 1 diabetes since early childhood, which makes life very difficult. You have to constantly monitor your blood sugar levels and take insulin injections. But now, thanks to the Ceracare drug, everything has become much easier and the glucose level does not rise to high levels. And also the condition of the skin has improved, the appetite has increased, it has become easier to fall asleep. I recommend this drug for continuous use to anyone who has the same health problems.
All my life I practically did not take medicine, but in old age I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. I began to look for a way to treat with medicinal herbs, tried to cook different herbs and drink infusions. Once I heard about the Ceracare drug from a friend, and decided to personally verify its effectiveness. And he helped me a lot - my blood sugar dropped, I feel great again, there are no side effects. I am very happy about it.
I recommend Ceracare. Although I do not have diabetes, I do sometimes take it. It helps me a lot with pain during menstruation and insomnia. Im glad its natural and not a placebo. You can order the product directly from the manufacturer at no extra charge.

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