Alluramin product review


Alluramin - product review

Alluramin is a pheromone stimulant for women in the form of a cream. It helps direct sexual energy in the desired direction. The drug makes the erogenous zones more sensitive, thanks to which the woman is faster aroused and experiences brighter orgasms.
Many reasons can lead to a deterioration in a woman’s health, as a result of which sexual desire is one of the first to disappear. This problem should not be ignored, because intimacy allows us to feel much better and more confident in ourselves. Pheromone products, one of which is Alluramin, help to increase sex drive.
The pheromones contained in the product help to increase the man’s desire in response. The combination of natural ingredients helps to achieve faster and longer arousal. The aroma of the cream allows you to eliminate psychological tension, liberate yourself and gain self-confidence. The stimulant provides additional hydration and nutrition to the genital tissues.

How to use? Instruction

It is recommended to use Alluramin cream just before intimacy, applying massaging movements to the wrists, chest, neck, genitals. Before use, you should carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer.

How does it work? Indications

The pheromone agent has the following actions:

  • improved blood flow to the genitals, resulting in increased sensitivity;
  • stimulation of receptors responsible for sexual arousal;
  • improving the state of microflora.

Many women who have used this remedy note its high efficiency, because it not only allows you to increase sensitivity, but also increases the arousal of the partner. Alluramin cream is the most harmless and pleasant way to improve your intimate life.


A product with such an intimate effect must be absolutely safe, which is why only natural ingredients were included in its formula. Pheromones in combination with herbal extracts and extracts have a complex effect on processes and receptors, increasing sensitivity and improving sexual activity.

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