ActiveMax+ product review


ActiveMax+ - product review

ActiveMax + is orthopedic underwear for men. The product is a T-shirt made of high quality hypoallergenic material. It is designed to support the spine and correct posture. In addition, the underwear helps to eliminate pain and discomfort in the back and chest area. It is recommended to wear an orthopedic undershirt if you have osteochondrosis. During an exacerbation of pathology, such underwear will help eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and in the remission phase of pathology, it will help prevent frequent relapses.

How to use? Instruction

You can wear ActiveMax + at any time of the day. Orthopedic underwear is suitable for any clothing thanks to the seamless cover. On weekends, you can replace your usual home jersey with a jersey.
It is also recommended to wear the product during physical work or sports training. It will perfectly support posture and spine, as well as visually adjust the figure.

How does it work? Indications

The Active Max + corrective underwear for men has many advantages. And all thanks to the versatile action that it is capable of providing. The product provides:

  • support and secure fixation of the spine;
  • relief of the condition and elimination of pain in osteochondrosis of the thoracic or lumbar spine;
  • prevention of hernia formation;
  • improving the activity of the heart muscle by reducing pressure on it;
  • maintaining the normal functioning of the respiratory system;
  • gentle removal of subcutaneous fat from the back and abdomen.

Wearing the product for an extended period of time will restore a healthy metabolism in the tissues of the dorsal and thoracic regions. There is also a positive trend in the treatment of scoliosis and other degenerative-destructive processes.The use of the product has no contraindications, it is safe for health, but if in doubt, you can first consult a specialist.


The orthopedic undershirt is made of natural material. Therefore, it fits very well on the body, does not cause discomfort or irritation. Does not contain synthetics!
High quality polyester is used for the manufacture of the product. The material is called Coolmax. It does not allow moisture to penetrate the skin, and sweat does not accumulate on the body. Thus, orthopedic underwear has good breathability, so wearing it is very comfortable.

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