Wortex product review


Wortex - product review

Wortex is an effective method for getting rid of warts and papillomas. A natural preparation is used to prevent unwanted formations.
HPV is transmitted sexually or from mother to child at birth. Penetrating the skin and mucous membranes of a person, the papilloma virus spreads and forms pathological growths. Each disease is individual, as is the treatment.

The drug has a positive effect on the regeneration of body cells and is safe for people of all ages. Nutraceutical is an easily digestible dietary supplement that affects proper functioning and is not addictive. Pack of 30 oral tablets, tasteless.

The product is not a medicinal product and must be returned in accordance with the law.

How to use? Instruction

Admission depends on the degree of complication of the warts. On average, the duration of the course is from 40 days to 2 months. For advanced situations, 2.5 months are allowed.
On the recommendation of a doctor, the result can be fixed by a repeated course with a break of 3-5 months.

You need to take one capsule three times a day on a full stomach or on an empty stomach with plenty of water. It is recommended to drink a glass of still water before taking Wortex.

During pregnancy or during lactation, it is advisable to refrain from the drug. If necessary, you should consult a doctor.

How does it work? Indications

Berry extract from rose hips and cranberries not only fight against papilloma bacteria, but also cleanses the skin, increases immunity to external diseases. The high content of beta-carotene stabilizes hormones, improves carbohydrate processes.

Wortex is used in preventive measures and in the treatment of mild and acute diseases to improve microflora and mucous membranes.
Possible manifestations of an allergic reaction.

The drug completely eliminates the more severe form of the disease, produces new antibodies that destroy harmful cells.


The components of nutraceuticals are exclusively natural, contain a rich berry extract, which helps to completely cleanse the body of viruses and parasites.

Wortex Where to buy at a discount?

Indications for use

Wortex capsules are designed to fight warts and papillomas. Additional substances are allowed to cleanse the body of toxins and poisons, as well as to strengthen the immune system.


The Wortex capsule has a completely natural composition. All components included in the supplement formula are non-toxic and safe. The only contraindication to taking the capsule is intolerance by individuals to the extract of cranberry, rose hips and other substances that make up their composition.

Doctor's review

Almost all drugs used to combat papilloma and warts contain toxic compounds. Wortex are some exceptions to this rule. For the production of this supplement, the manufacturer uses only berry extract and other natural ingredients that are not harmful to health. Wortex successfully treats papillomas and warts and has a faster and better sequence of actions than its pharmaceutical counterparts. I often prescribe this drug to my patients, I always get only positive feedback from them!

Customer Reviews

"The father often had large papillomas on the neck and legs. I went to the doctor for a long time and persuaded him to remove them, but to no avail. The only thing my father agreed to was vortex therapy. I was also pleased, ordered 2 packs of Wortex capsules. After 3 weeks, the papilloma stopped growing, small warts darkened and disappeared. We plan to continue the treatment, hoping that by the end of the course the problem will be completely resolved."

"For a long time I could not get rid of a large ugly wart in the middle of my chin. I tried deleting it twice, but after a while it reappeared in the same place. After the third removal, the dermatologist advised me to buy Wortex and take this capsule with meals three times a day for a month. This recommendation helped to solve the problem. Six months have passed since the removal of the wart, but there is no relapse."

"I'm afraid to get rid of papilloma with a laser - I've heard repeated reviews from friends about this procedure. So, for several months now I have been trying to solve my problem with Wortex. Papillomas disappear slowly, but they do not grow, which is important to me. I made the right choice by deciding to use this particular drug."


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