Virex product review


Virex - product review

Virex is an effective remedy for the restoration of potency, intended for use at home. The drug is produced in the form of capsules, they can be taken by men who want to get rid of erectile dysfunction in a comfortable and effective way. The specificity of the drug allows you to undergo treatment on your own, without making an appointment with a urologist. The remedy is so effective that it restores libido, regardless of the reason for its weakening or absence.

How to use? Instruction

Means for increasing potency Virex must be used according to the instructions, it is in the box with the drug. The drug should be taken in a capsule, preferably on an empty stomach, only 1 time per day. The duration of treatment is 1 month. It is also permissible to take the agent 1 capsule, half an hour before intimacy - for confidence in the onset of an erection.

How does it work? Indications

The potency stimulator Virex improves blood rheology, enhances its flow to the prostate gland. Improves the composition of the ejaculate, prevents the development of reproductive failure. Normalizes the structure of the prostate, removes harmful microflora from the urogenital tract. Improves blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, prevents congestion, the development of adenoma, infertility, impotence. Natural potency stimulant increases sexual stamina, makes each intimacy more lasting.


The potency stimulator Virex is made without the addition of synthetic substances, which allows you to improve mens health without negative consequences. The preparation contains a special component of natural origin - beaver musk; as well as extract of cordyceps, saffron, lovage. The listed substances perform the following functions:

  • Normalize the content of sex hormones in the blood.
  • Provide libido in a timely manner.
  • Allows you to control the moment of ejaculation.
  • Increase sexual stamina.
  • Stabilize intimate life.
  • Allows you to control ejaculation.

According to all criteria, Virex is better than analogues. It gently affects the reproductive system, corrects the function of the prostate, makes intimate life brighter and more intense. The risk of developing problems with the cardiovascular system is excluded. Before going on sale, the capsules have passed laboratory and clinical control and have proven their benefits.

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