Venoten product review


Venoten - product review

Venoten is a cream for the prevention and control of varicose veins. The effect of this product is complex, manifested in the toning of the vascular walls, due to which blood flow improves, stagnation and atrophy of body parts go away. As an additional effect, there is an improvement in the condition of the skin, acceleration of lymph flow, disappearance of puffiness and prevention of blood clots. Venoten is one of the safest creams with such a direction of action, side reactions are minimized. The product is not suitable only for people with individual intolerance and severe allergies.

How to use? Instruction

The cream is used externally, it is suitable for all age groups. The course lasts from several days to several months, it all depends on the severity of the pathology. The minimum course of use lasts 30 days, it is characterized by prophylactic goals or mild symptoms. In acute manifestations, the duration increases to 1.5 months. If it is a chronic or acute form of the disease, then the product is used for 2 months. Usually, a second course is prescribed, it is passed with an interval of at least 3 months, but not more than six months.
The procedure for use is carried out 1-2 times a day, the cream is applied in a thin layer to the places of the greatest visual manifestation of symptoms. Then spread in circular massage movements over the surface. The product does not require rinsing.

How does it work? Indications

If the cream is applied in the first stages of varicose veins, with the primary manifestation of symptoms, then there is an improvement in blood flow to the extremities, atypical edema passes, muscle tone increases, the walls of blood vessels acquire a greater density.
Active substances cause blood thinning, remove blood clots and congestion. As a result, the venous valves return to normal function.


The cream was created using the latest bioengineering technologies. However, in the manufacture were used natural plant substances listed below. Horse chestnut - this component strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which increases their elasticity and tone. This leads to the fact that the varicose mesh disappears from the legs. The cooling effect comes from lemon balm and eucalyptus oil. They help relieve leg pain, relieve discomfort, and are a distraction. Hawthorn fruits in the composition dilate blood vessels and the spasm gradually decreases. The arnica plant, in turn, resolves bruises and spider veins on the skin become less noticeable.

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