Variconis product review


Variconis - product review

Variconis is an ointment for varicose veins, which can help to cope with such a difficult problem. This drug seeps deep into the blood vessel and affects all pathogens of varicose veins.
Previously, there was not a single drug that could relieve you from external manifestations and from the internal factor of varicose veins at the same time. Now there is the remedy Variconis, which has a double effect. The ointment eliminates cosmetic flaws, as well as the internal root cause of varicose veins – strengthens blood vessels, prevents blood clots.
Most people consider the problem of varicose veins as a matter of an exclusively aesthetic type, however, in fact, this disease can have serious consequences for a persons health. Today it is one of the most common peripheral blood vessel diseases. According to epidemiological studies, all kinds of this disease are found in 30% of the fairer sex and 20% of the stronger sex of working age.

How to use? Instruction

The course of treatment with this drug lasts 30 days, however, since the effect is cumulative, the use of the drug is allowed to be extended for a longer period. Apply in accordance with the directions on the box.

How does it work? Indications

All components of Variconis work synergistically, adding and enhancing each others effects, without compromising health. The use of Variconis can help you get rid of varicose veins in just 1 course of treatment.
Natural ingredients very effectively help with the above problem, since extracts from a variety of herbs and plants contain quite a lot of trace elements that have useful features, they have a great effect on blood flow, increase the plasticity of veins and skin, and get rid of the venous network. In addition, Variconis takes care of your skin, softens it, tightens it, removes unwanted odors.


The ointment consists of 100% natural ingredients that are completely and completely harmless to any human body and acts without negative effects.

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