Tonus Fortis product review

Tonus Fortis

Tonus Fortis - product review

Tonus Fortis is a natural preparation with which men of reproductive age can increase their potency and make their intimate life bright. The tool is in the form of drops, which makes it easier to take the course at home. The products compete with pharmacy potency stimulants. But, unlike them, it restores the sexual health of a man without negative health consequences. The drug is certified, which speaks of its benefits and safety. After using this tool, only positive reviews are left.

How to use? Instruction

Tonus Fortis must be taken as directed. The solution should be taken 10 drops, on an empty stomach, in the morning. The product must be washed down with 200 ml of water. Repeat the procedure daily. On average, the duration of the treatment process is a month. Depending on the root cause of the weakening of potency, it is allowed to increase the duration of therapy up to 90 days. The primary improvement in sexual health can be seen after 1 dose of drops.

How does it work? Indications

Potency drug Tonus Fortis increases testosterone production, corrects hormonal balance. Increases sexual stamina, improves overall mood. It normalizes the conduction of nerve impulses in the fibers running in the groin. This makes every intimacy more vivid. Also drops eliminate inflammation of the prostate.


The main difference between Tonus Fortis and similar remedies designed to increase potency is the complete absence of unnatural components in the composition. The drug contains trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, as well as extracts of medicinal plants, organic oils. They perform the following actions:

  • Stop prostatitis.
  • Make each intercourse longer.
  • Increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.
  • Provide a confident, firm erection in time.
  • Saturate the ejaculate with viable spermatozoa, prevent the development of infertility.

The components of Tonus Fortis are fully compatible with the processes taking place in the male body. The drug is not addictive, complications. In terms of their effectiveness, the drops are not inferior to the result of a prostate massage. But, unlike this procedure, the remedy helps to restore potency without physical and psychological discomfort.

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