Fungaxt is a drug that works against fungus on toes and feet. In order to prevent fungus, most dermatologists recommend using this drug. The cause of the fungus can be close wearing of shoes, calluses, excessive sweating of the feet, frequent contact with dirty floor surfaces.readmore

Clean Vision

Clean Vision is a vision enhancer. The drug is in the form of capsules, consists of components of natural origin, which are characterized by good tolerance. The innovative development is intended for use by men and women who plan to eliminate eye diseases or create conditions for the prevention of their development. The capsules are […]readmore


Insumed is an oral diabetes medication used for type 2 diabetic patients. Its active ingredient is metformin, which belongs to the biguanide class. This is a decrease in the density of glucose in the blood, suppressing the metabolism of glucose in the liver, reducing the absorption of glucose from the gastric – intestinal channel and […]readmore


Parazitol are innovative capsules for the rapid elimination of parasites, which pose a great danger to human life and health. The presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the body can cause a lot of painful and unpleasant sensations that must be eliminated as soon as possible. This remedy has no contraindications and side effects, and therefore […]readmore


Bacteoff are drops from parasites that negatively affect the functioning of the whole organism and individual organs. Regular intake of this remedy allows you to eliminate all pathogenic pests and at the same time not feel unwell. Bacteoff is a versatile drug designed to eliminate all types of parasites.readmore


Alkotox is a drug for the treatment of alcohol addiction. It is a natural remedy that does not have a negative effect on the body. Alkotox detoxifies the body and restores functions damaged by excessive drinking.readmore


Adamour are capsules to increase potency. Taking this drug allows you to fully restore the necessary processes in the male body and not worry about side effects. Adamour also has no contraindications and is not addictive.readmore


Erofertil are potency pills that contain exclusively natural ingredients of natural origin. Thanks to this, Erofertil is not addictive and has no side effects. The natural ingredients that make up this product restore work and strengthen the male genitourinary system. This drug is recommended for use at any age.readmore


EffectEro are capsules designed to increase potency. The drug is effective for various causes associated with the disease – psychological problems (stress, anxiety), organic (inflammatory processes, disturbances in the endocrine system), as well as loss of potency during drug therapy.readmore

Valgus 2 in 1

Valgus 2in1 is an effective brace for the treatment of hallux valgus. Such a deformation is a painful protruding bone, causing severe discomfort when walking, causing pain during movement, difficulty in choosing shoes. With the help of a gel retainer, it became possible to correct the deformation without surgery.readmore