Home Berry Box product review

Home Berry Box

Home Berry Box - product review

Home Berry Box is an opportunity to receive natural vitamins and minerals in their natural form at any time of the year. The unique complex is the development of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who received the Nobel Prize for research in the field of the influence of the composition of the Ecuadorian soil on the disclosure of the potential of the plants planted in it. They managed to establish that all specimens planted in it are 2-3 times larger than their counterparts growing in other soil.
The use of a growth biostimulator made it possible to achieve rapid ripening of fruits even in conditions far from natural. This substance has a completely natural basis, it is injected under pressure into seeds and soil in order to increase the immunity of plants, to protect them from all diseases.
Growing juicy berries without the use of chemicals or special lighting devices on the windowsill of an ordinary city apartment became possible with the revolutionary Home Berry Box solution.

How to use? Instruction

Home Berry Box comes in a form containing all the necessary components. It is enough to unpack the packaging to free the soil and seedlings in it from packaging. Place the buttock in a place where there is enough sunlight. After that, it is enough to spray the plants every other day, replenishing the moisture deficit. Within a month, you can harvest the first crop. Plants do not need rest or conservation. It is enough to continue to water them in a timely manner in order to collect several crops a year for 3 years.

How does it work? Indications

By printing and watering the Home Berry Box on the windowsill in a timely manner, you can harvest fragrant, tasty and healthy berries several times a year:

  • fresh strawberries help improve metabolism and strengthen memory;
  • eating strawberries helps to get rid of circulatory problems;
  • raspberries help restore healthy skin elasticity;
  • Eating blueberries helps to maintain visual acuity and restore the functioning of the female reproductive system.


Each Home Berry Box contains:

  • Container with Ecuadorian soil.
  • Biostimulant-treated berry seeds.

A protective film that allows you to keep the complex in a preserved form without the risk of death or infection.

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