Fly Bra product review

Fly Bra

Fly Bra - product review

The Fly Bra is an invisible bra that gets its name from the similarity to the spread wings of a butterfly. Fly Bra successfully masks imperfections and gives the breasts a perfect shape. This bra is reusable due to the use of reliable and high quality materials. In order to extend the life of such a bodice, it is enough to provide proper care for it.

How to use? Instruction

Before putting on the Fly Bra, you must wash your breasts and dry them thoroughly with a towel. Next, you should proceed with the sticker of the cups. They are glued in turn. You need to start from the bottom of the chest and gradually move to the outside. The cups need to be glued at an angle. The larger the angle, the stronger the push-up effect.After both cups are glued to your chest, you need to secure them with a clasp. Then it remains only to tighten the lacing. In this case, it is worth remembering about convenience. Therefore, there is no need to overdo it.To remove the Fly Bra, you must perform all the above steps in reverse order. There is nothing difficult in putting on and taking off the Fly Bra bra. In order not to have problems with these processes, you only need skill and a properly sized bodice.

How does it work? Indications

Fly Bra contributes to giving the breast a beautiful and round shape. This result is ensured by the presence of a special filler. This bra is designed for both large bust and small breasts. In the first case, it gives the breasts an ideal shape, in the second - it is used to create a push-up effect. In addition, the use of the Fly Bra allows you to wear strapless dresses and tops. Another plus is that it is not hot in such a bodice even on the hottest summer day.


Unlike other invisible bras, Fly Bra is not only made of silicone. It also includes an outer fabric side and an inner adhesive side. Lycra is used to make the outside. The inner adhesive side is essential to provide reliable support and fit to the breast.The bodice cups are connected with a fastener and lacing. This design feature contributes to giving the breast an appetizing round shape.A feature of this model is the absence of seams, belt, straps and bones. Due to this, the Fly Bra is invisible when wearing open back clothes and dresses with an open neckline.

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